Sophomore Consulting Internships: Firms to Apply to in 2024

If you’re curious to know if consulting is the right career for you, it’s never too soon to explore your options. 

If you’re a freshman or sophomore in an undergraduate program, and you’re not sure how to get a summer consulting internship after your sophomore year, we can help!

In this article, we’ll discuss:

  • What a consulting internship looks like,
  • What consulting firms look for in summer interns,
  • Resources to help you land a sophomore internship, and
  • Our list of sophomore consulting internships to apply to.

Let’s get started!

What a Consulting Internship Looks Like

Many top consulting firms such as Bain, BCG, McKinsey, and Deloitte offer sophomore internships. As a summer intern, you’ll get a real taste of consulting life by

  • Joining a real client project team,
  • Working on a small but important part of the project, 
  • Getting to own the recommendation,
  • Meeting partners and clients, and
  • Making a real impact for your client!

Sophomore consulting internships are amazing training grounds for future consultants. 

Summer interns get great classroom training on problem-solving, Excel, and PowerPoint tools. They also get to work with mentors across all levels of the consulting firm.

During your summer consulting internship, you will work hard and deliver something really valuable to your client by the end of the summer. But you are not on your own! There’s a whole team supporting you.

What Consulting Firms Look for in Summer Interns

Summer interns at consulting firms are high-potential consultants who have a really good shot at getting an offer to come back full-time when they graduate.

Firms are looking to get a sense if you will contribute to client work and fit in with the teams. Specifically, firms are looking for consultants who demonstrate:

  • The ability to solve problems, 
  • Analytical capabilities, 
  • Solid communication skills,
  • A positive, can-do attitude, and
  • Good rapport with clients.

If you pursue a career in consulting, you’ll hear the term ‘problem-solving’ a lot. It generally means identifying a clear set of problems or issues, and mapping out a structured approach to address those problems. 

You won’t always solve a problem during a problem-solving session. However, you and your team should be able to get really clear on the problem you’re trying to solve and map out a plan (analysis, research, etc.) for how you’ll solve it. 

Then you’ll do the work – collect data, analyze it, and come up with a conclusion which you’ll test with the rest of your team. Once in agreement, you’ll write PowerPoint pages to clearly and succinctly present your answers to the team, and later, to the client!

You don’t have to be an expert in problem-solving to get a sophomore consulting internship, but you do need to demonstrate in the case interview that you understand the kinds of issues clients face and are able to come up with an organized approach to address them. 

We have many FREE resources to help you learn everything you need to know about case interviews and how to organize your thoughts like a problem-solving pro

You should also get something out of a summer consulting internship (besides a paycheck of course)! You’ll want to know if you like the work, and get along with a variety of people at the firm. 

If you’re able to swing a sophomore consulting internship, after your junior year you could either choose to go back to the same firm or try a different firm! At the very least you should interview with other firms so you can learn more about their cultures and the kind of work they do.

Resources To Help You Land a Consulting Internship

Recruiting for sophomore consulting internships is a huge process for firms, so they start early in the year. Make sure to research various firms’ deadlines during the summer so you can go into the fall with clear timelines for applications and interviews. 

We have a lot of FREE resources to help you as you explore consulting. 

In this article, a McKinsey Summer Intern discusses her experience and what she learned.

Are you wondering if consulting is right for you and how you even start down this path? Check out our free video video training series.

If you’re set on consulting as a career and want advice on your application, the first things you’ll need are a consulting resume and a cover letter. Check out our advice on how to write the perfect cover letter for consulting, and our insights on how to stand out with your consulting resume.

Our List of Sophomore Consulting Internships to Apply to

Firm NameLinkJob BoardLocationsEmployee Reviews
180 Degrees
Arbutus Consulting
Bain & Company,and%20Bain%20has%20high%20expectations.
Blue Garnet,50.htm
Booz Allen Hamilton
Brook Weath Global
BSD Consulting
Camber Collective,28.htm
Cause Consulting,27.htm
CCS Fundraising
Changing Our World
Cicero Group
Corporate Citizenship,32.htm
CSR Strategies
Direct Impact Group
Earth Company
Earth Systems
Ellis Jones
Forum for the Future
Giving Strong
Greater Mission,26.htm
Impact Makers
Impactt Consulting,18.htm
Impactt Limited,18.htm
Infocus Management Consulting
Intersocial Consulting
KDP Consulting
Level 5 Strategy
Macquarie Group
Mosley and Associates
NEF Consulting,14.htm
Oliver Wyman
Pearl Consulting,36.htm
Pillar Consulting
Pro Social Consulting,20.htm
Prosper Strategies,29.htm
Seven Positive
SLR Consulting
Social Impact Advisors
Social Impact Consulting
Social Impact Institute
Social Value Consultency,34.htm
Spark Strategy,25.htm
Spring Impact,24.htm
SRK Consulting,25.htm
STV Group
TCC Group
Wachs Strategies
Reos Partners
Renoir Consulting,16_KO17,38.htm
GuideHouse Consulting,21.htm?__cf_chl_jschl_tk__=pmd_E9s1rweIEzR_IYF7hNgnr0Ze43BSHPQWpkK4J6mjftE-1634264520-0-gqNtZGzNAnujcnBszQil
APCO Worldwide
Cairneagle Associates LLP,32.htm

In this article, we’ve covered:

  • What consulting internships are like,
  • What firms are looking for from their interns,
  • How to land a consulting internship, and 
  • A list of sophomore consulting internships. 

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