85% of our clients get into consulting.

How we measure against the industry..

Our clients include non-target schools student, PhDs, MBAs, industry hires, 2.9 GPAers, and from six continents.


Think 85% is impossible?

..hear from our clients

Suhani was new to casing and felt she lacked “real” work experience..​

It didn’t take her long after joining our program to get her McKinsey offer.

Safwaan was a pre-med with a low GPA from a non-target undergraduate state college..

He enrolled into our program and ended his semester with multiple consulting interviews and offers.

Victoria was told by an MBA career advisor that switching from the social sector to consulting would be very difficult or near impossible..

Hear how Victoria proved her advisor wrong and landed an offer at Bain.

Sharmeen didn’t know where to start to transition from healthcare to consulting..

Hear how Sharmeen was able to land a BCG interview and offer through our program!

Conor tried multiple online resources to help him land a BCG offer with no success..

Hear about his results after joining our program, and why he believes it is worth the investment “a million times over”.

Lindsay continues to recommend our program to friends..

Hear exactly why Lindsay advocates for our program.

After looking into other services, Matt S. found a reason that made ours stand out..

Listen to Matt’s experience landing an offer at BCG and what made our program so unique.

As a Chemical Engineer, Allessandra worried that her studies hadn’t prepared her for case interviews..  

Hear about how we worked with Allessandra to land her a BCG offer, even when many of her peers got rejected.

Mayank was worried that his degree from India and coming from a data science program without “a consulting culture” would prevent him from getting even interviews.   

Hear how Mayank was able to secure his offer with Bain.

Daniel studied music composition and didn’t know where to get started with consulting recruiting.. 

Daniel is now working with Roland Berger.

Carolyn joined us not knowing how to case..

This summer, she will be working at McKinsey!

Zach was working in sales and didn’t feel confident he would even get consulting interviews..

Hear how Zach used our program to land offers from 2 firms that didn’t even give him interviews last year.

Lelina didn’t get an offer her junior year..

After enrolling in the program her results changed her senior year.

Brenda had a week before her BCG interview and didn’t know how to case..

Here is how she landed an offer with BCG!

Helen had 2 weeks to prep for Bain and didn’t know what a case interview was..

Now she will be working at Bain.

Jing was worried if as an international student he would be penalized..

He used it as motivation to beat the odds and get multiple offers.

Mehmet had never cased before McKinsey..

He earned an internship at McKinsey, which later became a full-time offer!

As a science major, Tracy lacked the confidence and structured thinking needed to succeed in a case interview..

After a short time with our program, Tracy gained the confidence to ace her interviews and land multiple offers.

Cynthia was rejected by almost all firms her junior year..

After working with us, she received first round interviews at every firm she applied to and upon receiving multiple offers, chose to work at McKinsey.

Harley was worried that starting late on a competitive campus like Yale would prevent him from getting offers..

After completing his commitment to Teach for America, he will be working at his dream firm.

Aaron was working full-time and only had 2 hours per week to prep..

We made sure every hour counted so now he works at his dream firm!

Alexandra had never done a case before and worried if it was a learned skill..

We’ll let her describe her own successes.

A.Z. wasn’t confident he could even get an interview with his background..

After working with us, here is what he has to say.

Katherine felt “totally lost” when she started her case prep..

But in a short time, she was able to get multiple offers and accepted an offer at Oliver Wyman.

After his first round interview rejections from Bain and BCG, Jeff realized he couldn’t do it on his own..

After a week with his coach, Jeff was able to pass both rounds and landed a summer internship at McKinsey.

Coming from a non-target school, Aditya felt he was at a disadvantage against other candidates..

After working with us, Aditya landed more offers than even target-school candidates.

Wangu had her sights set on McKinsey, but shortcomings in her resume made it difficult to get in the door..

After working with us, Wangu was able to leverage her experience to get her foot in the door at McKinsey!

Before starting her MBA, Qixin hadn’t considered even consulting as a career path..

Through our program, Qixin gained the confidence to land multiple offers, and will be joining Digital McKinsey this year!

Jason was worried whether he would even get an interview..

After working with us, he is now working at his dream firm!

Matt wasn’t sure if he could land an interview..

Hear about how he landed multiple offers, even when his friends with stronger backgrounds did not even get interviews!

Hannah was an industrial engineering student..

Listen to how she was able to land a consulting offer with Accenture.

Shawn was worried about even getting an interview coming from a large non-target public school..

Find out how he was able to get offers from McKinsey and BCG despite his obstacles.

John is a PhD candidate..

After graduation, he will be working at BCG!

With no casing experience, Nicole wasn’t sure where to even get started..

Hear how our program helped land her land an offer at EY!

Fengqi was a PhD who failed during his internship year to get an offer..

Post-program, Fengqi was offered a full-time position with BCG one level HIGHER than he had applied orginally for based on his interview performance.

Tao wasn’t sure how his software engineering background would get him interviews..

Working with a former McKinsey recruiter on our team, he was able to land interviews and offers at McKinsey, Bain, and BCG.

With a degree in mining engineering for a non-target school, Wei Jie never even considered consulting as a career path..

After our program, he started his first job after college in consulting.

Hailin doubted if he could become a consultant with over 10 years in industry..

Hear how he was able to break into consulting even as an experienced hire with over a decade of experience. 

Oak was having difficulties even getting responses from potential employers..

After working with us, Oak got his foot in the door with several employers who said they were “really impressed by his resume”

With limited practice time, Julien was new to casing and felt like he was starting from “ground zero”.. 

Working with his coach, Julien was able to master casing and pass his interviews in a short time.

Frank works full-time while getting his MBA..

After graduation, he will be starting at BCG full-time.

Xisha was a part-time MBA student who felt that she didn’t have enough time to prepare for interviews..

Despite her busy schedule, we worked with Xisha to help land her an offer, even when 99% of her peers couldn’t make the switch.

Abhi came from a large non-target public state school with average grades..

Hear how our coaches worked with him to help land him a consulting offer despite being from a non-target state school.

Elvin had limited time before his BCG interview..

Here is a technique he learned from us to speed up his improvement.

This Yale SOM student didn’t feel the advice she got from her peers was accurate or enough.. 

Hear how the advice she got in our program helped her get an offer from BCG from an office that wasn’t even hiring! 

Alex was worried with his GPA and school if he would even get an interview..

Watch his video to see how we addressed his low GPA.

Patrick wanted to transition to consulting from a job in accounting..

We developed a personal strategy that landed multiple offers.

One past community member was worried being a PhD who was already working would make it impossible to get even an interview..

Find out how he was able to get offers from McKinsey and BCG.

Krystal was a PhD student with no business experience..

Krystal secured an offer even without a business background, and hear how she compares her experience with a friend who used a different coaching service..

As a post-doc, Nihar wanted to see more impact than he found in research but didn’t know where to start..

Hear what left him “speechless” after his interviews..

Christine was worried about getting lost in the experienced hire shuffle.. 

Hear about how Christine worked with us and landed an offer with her top choice firm and city.

Minku’s unconventional background made him worry if he could even get interviews..

He received many interviews, which resulted in an offer from Strategy&.

Stephanie was worried if her degree would affect her ability to get interviews and offers..

She received more offers and interviews from McKinsey, Bain, BCG, and other firms than she knew what to do with.

Erin had already attempted to get into BCG..

After working with us, she now works at BCG.

Nicholas was up against candidates with 10-15 years more experience than him..

Hear how our program made Nicholas feel much more prepared for his interviews.

Tobias wasn’t sure if he could pass his McKinsey interviews.. 

Hear about how Tobias got his McKinsey offer, and why he will continue to strongly recommend our program to his friends.

Without a background or network in consulting, Shannon didn’t know where to start..

Hear why Shannon feels that support she received through our program is “unparalleled”, and helped land her two consulting offers!

Kay had failed 2 years earlier to get into Bain..

After working with us, she earned offers from both Bain and BCG.

Danny got his BCG offer and more..

To land his offer, Danny only needed one hour with us. Here is why.

After deciding that engineering wasn’t for her, Tanya wanted a career in consulting..

Hear about how she landed her McKinsey offer.

Inez was competing against ex-MBB consultants for her dream job..

We taught her how to out-interview even MBB consultants!

Tom was working full-time with only 3 weeks before his BCG interview..

Hear about how we worked within Tom’s tight timeframe to help him land his job with BCG!

Meghna was worried if she would even get an interview..

After 2 months of working with us, she had a hard choice between accepting offers from Bain or McKinsey.

S.H. talks about the program and the 1 thing that continues to benefit her..

Find out what the most valuable thing S.H. took away from her experience working with us.

With a background in engineering, Chenbin felt that he didn’t have enough business knowledge to land a McKinsey offer…

Post-program, Chenbin will be starting with McKinsey.

Pal didn’t get the results she wanted a year earlier..

Listen to how we helped her get her results a year later.

Emma was worried about standing out when all her peers were using Victor Cheng or Case in Point..

Hear about the best investment she could have made to get her offer.

Jon didn’t feel confident about his case interview skills..

It didn’t take him long after working with our coaches to get his first offer.

Ruhani was a marketing major who decided to go into consulting in her Junior year..

Hear about why Ruhani wants to say ‘thank you, a thousand times’ to our program for helping her land an Accenture offer.

Reggie failed to get into BCG for 2 years..

After working with us for two months, he finally got his BCG offer and left us a video.

S.J. saw improvement beyond just her case interview skills..

Find out what she gained that was much more valuable.

Despite having limited time to prepare and strong competition, Thomas worked with us to land an offer at his top choice of BCG.

Thomas felt that there was no better way to prepare going in than through our program, and how it was “the best investment I’ve made in the last year.”