Our Story

We’ve helped over 800 people get careers in management consulting. Here’s how our story began.

When the Odds are not in your Favor...

Our story begins back in 2014, when an incoming senior at Yale University, our founder, Davis Nguyen, was deciding what he should do after graduation.

His original plan was to enter education, but before entering his senior year, he called three mentors and asked for their advice. They all said, “Go Into Consulting” at least for 2 years before going into education:

Davis took their advice and decided to recruit for consulting. 

The problem was, recruiting deadlines for consulting were in 3 weeks and Davis didn’t even know what a “case interview” was yet..

Gaining an "Unfair" Advantage..

Having heard stories of people who spent 100+ hours casing and preparing for interviews, only to fail to get a job or even an interview, Davis didn’t want to be another part of the 99% who didn’t make it.

Instead of guessing what what firms were looking for, Davis cold emailed 40 people from McKinsey, 40 from Bain,  40 from BCG, and 40 from other firms to ask them some questions:

As people started answering back Davis knew what he needed to do and how to spend his time. He knew:

Thanks to the knowledge he had gathered, Davis was able to efficiently use his 3 weeks to land interviews with every firm he applied to and receive multiple offers. He had an advantage in this process because he knew which case questions were most likely to come up and prepared accordingly.

He eventually signed with Bain & Company because of the people and culture.

Questions and Answers with Davis Nguyen
Davis Nguyen, our founder, while at Bain

Gaining True "Insider Knowledge"..

While at Bain, Davis worked in the consulting side of the business, but he also volunteered as many as 20 hours per week to the recruiting team helping everything from organizing recruiting events to screening out candidates.

During this time, Davis had a chance to validate his data as a student and found how close he was knowing what Bain and other firms were looking for in candidates to interviews and which cases were the most common.

The First 13 Offers..

Davis would leave Bain after two years to join an education technology company. While he loved the company, he took a 40% pay cut given that the company wasn’t doing so well in the beginning. At the same time, he continued to financially support his family. From Monday to Friday, he worked at the education technology company, while on the weekends, he started a small tutoring service helping aspiring consultants with their resumes, cover letters, and case interviews.

He started with a group of 13 students. This “Group of 13” had a diverse background – from a perfect GPA at Stanford who spent the summer at a boutique consulting firm, to a 2.9 GPAer, from a non-target school in the mid-west.

From August 2017 to October 2017, Davis taught that group everything in he knew during his time at Bain as a consultant and former recruiter.

After 2 months, all 13 of them received consulting offers from at least one firm including McKinsey, Bain, BCG, Deloitte, and Accenture.

Then Davis’s small weekend business took a turn..

Growing the Team..

Eventually word spread about the success of “Group of 13” and more and more people reached out to Davis.

At the time, Davis’ attention was only focused on the project part-time and on weekends. He needed more help, so he decided to recruit some of his old recruiting teammates from Bain. Within a year, he had grown his team from just himself to over 20 former McKinsey, Bain, and BCG recruiters and consultants. Davis was eager to have the best people on his team, including three people who spent 18+ years at McKinsey doing recruiting.

Instead of continuing to serve only the United States, today we serve clients from across the world. Our team includes the former head of McKinsey London recruiting, the former head McKinsey Singapore recruiting, the former head of Bain Canada recruiting, and amongst many others.

Davis speaking at Duke University, 2019

We Still Want to Give You the "Unfair" Advantage..

While our team has grown beyond just Davis and his “Group of 13”, our mission is still to help people get a start in management consulting. If you are interested in enrolling in the program that has landed 500+ individuals consulting offers, apply to see if you qualify.

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