List of Consulting Firms: 200+ to Apply to in 2024

For aspiring consultants, there are a few top firms that stand out in everyone’s mind. McKinsey, Bain, and BCG usually top of the list. But you can’t just apply to 3 firms. That’s why we created this list of consulting firms. Use it to find several firms that will be a great fit with your career plans.

We want to give you the best chance of landing your dream job by providing information on which firms are hiring, what locations they are hiring for, and what employees say about the work, culture, and lifestyle at the firm.

If you want the list in Excel format so you can make your own edits, click here.


What is Management Consulting and How Do I Become A Management Consultant?

On this page, we will assume you already know what management consulting is and understand the process of becoming a management consultant. But if you want to learn more, check out What Is Consulting & What Do Consultants Do?

And if you find a firm that you are interested in applying to, but aren’t sure of the next steps, you can schedule a time to talk with a member of our team here.

What is or Counts as a Management Consulting Firm?

For our list, we only focus on firms that engage in strategy (or at least operational strategy) consulting, so you won’t find firms that focus entirely on IT consulting or branding/marketing consulting for example. 

In addition, we are only including verified firms that have more than just “1 person” on LinkedIn who call themselves a management consulting firm. 

There’s nothing wrong with being an independent consultant, but we want to focus on companies that have a history of hiring and a proven track record of success. 

Below you will find a short description of each category of firms that you’ve probably seen in your research, “MBB”, “Big Four”, “Tiers 2”, and “Boutiques.” We’ll make it simple for you. In addition to listing the firms, we provide context to their grouping, and where you can go to find company reviews, job boards, and office locations. 

Let’s get started with the most common name in management consulting that you might know (or will soon know) as “MBB.”

McKinsey, Bain, and BCG (also known as MBB)

When people think of creating a list of consulting firms, they usually think of McKinsey, Bain, and Boston Consulting Group (BCG), also known as MBB after the first initial of each company.

Their renown comes from the fact that  they are the most well-known strategy and management consulting firms in the world in terms of revenue (over $25B in 2019), prestige (see any list of their alumni), and the number of applicants each year (over 300,000). 

MBB has year-round hiring for experienced hires (those who are out of school) and designated hiring cycles for students for full-time and internships.

You can find out more about McKinsey, Bain, and BCG here.

While McKinsey, Bain, and BCG do have the name recognition, it is important to know that they aren’t the only ideal consulting firms to work for when you are starting your career.

Many MBB alumni go on to start their own firms and thus carry the DNA of MBB in their training, development, and mentoring of new hires.  

If your goal is to break into consulting, you will want to apply to more firms than just MBB.


Get your application noticed with these insider tricks from former McKinsey, Bain, and BCG Recruiting Managers.

Deloitte, PwC, EY, and KPMG (also known as “The Big Four”)

The next group of management consulting firms people think of outside of MBB is usually Deloitte, PwC, EY, and KPMG. Together, they are known as the “Big Four.” This name, Big Four, refers to their position in not only management consulting, but also in accounting.

But just because they aren’t mentioned first doesn’t mean they are small. Each of these four firms, as a total of their individual services, actually dwarf the MBB. For example, Deloitte alone brought in over $40B in revenue last year. But besides their accounting practices, they also have growing consulting arms and are highly respected in the consulting world. 

Based on reviews from employees as well as our community, taking a job at a Big Four firm is a great way to start a career in consulting. Note that each Deloitte, PwC, and EY also have other consulting firms they’ve acquired under their network (e.g., EY-Parthenon) – we include those below in a later section.

Beyond MBB and the Big Four, there are more consulting firms worth considering and applying to which we cover next.

Tier 2s and Boutique Consulting Firms

If you search on Google, Quora, or other platforms you will hear the terms, “Tier 2 firms”, “Boutique firm”, or “Tier 3 firms” and will notice people use them differently and bucket firms in a variety of ways. That is because no one has a clear definition of what these mean, since firms are evolving all the time, revenue numbers are private, and firms merge over time, making it even harder to distinguish if it is a “Tier 3” or a “Tier 2”.

For your own research and application purposes, we recommend just keeping it simple and considering them in a similar group outside of MBB and the Big Four. These firms aren’t always “smaller” than the Big Four or MBB so don’t think of Tier 2s/Boutiques as small players. For example, Accenture in 2019 brought in over $45B (more than the combined of MBB) across their 5 consulting practices (Accenture Consulting alone was estimated at $18B which is more than McKinsey). 

You will find that Tier 2s and Boutique consulting firms also tend to specialize in a field so if you have a field you are interested in, you will be able to do more work in that space. Here, our team has put together a list of all the firms that are currently hiring this year.


FirmJob BoardLocationsReviewsCompany ValuesSpecialization
180 Degrees Impact
9 Dots Consulting Limited
Abbott Risk Consulting Ltd / Risk
ABeam Consulting Ltd., UK Branch
Accenture Strategy,9_KO10,29.htm
Acquis Consulting Group
Acquis Consulting UK Limited
Actionist Consulting Group
Adaptive Financial Consulting Ltd / Economics
AEA Consulting Worldwide Ltd
AEI Consultants
Aequitas Consulting Limited
Aetha Consulting Limited
Agenda Consulting Resources / Leadership
AiQ Consulting LtdN/A
AIS Consulting UK LtdN/A / Economics
Alacrita Sciences / Healthcare
Alexander Group
Alicorn Consulting LtdN/AN/A
Alinea consulting LLP
AlixPartners Sciences / Healthcare
Allen & Jain Consulting LtdN/A
Alten UK
Altius Consulting Ltd
Altman Solon
Altum Partners Consulting Limited / Economics
Alvarez & Marsal,29.htm
AMARIS Consulting UK,6_IL.7,13_IM1035.htm
Analysis Group / Economics
Ananyaa Consulting LtdTechnology/IT
Ankura Consulting (Europe) Limited
Anmut Consulting
Anthony James Consulting Ltd
Anup Consulting LtdN/A
Apcer Life Sciences Sciences / Healthcare
Applied Value Group,24.htm
Appsbroker Consulting Ltd
Arcacia Consulting LtdN/A
Arcus Consulting LLP
ARMSA Consulting
Arthur D. Little,26.htm
Ascent Consulting Services LimitedN/A
Astadia Consulting UK Limited
Auriemma Consulting UK Ltd / Economics
Auriga Consulting Ltd
Avance Consulting (Europe) Limited
Bainbridge Consulting,21.htm
Baker Tilly
Bates White,42.htm / Economics
BDO Consulting,3_KO4,14.htm / Economics
Berkeley Research Group,34.htm
BG&E Consulting Engineers Ltd,8_KO9,17.htm
BioBoston Consulting Sciences / Healthcare
Bite Consulting Limited
Blayze Consulting Group Limited
Blitz Consulting LimitedN/A Sciences / Healthcare
Blue Matter Consulting Ltd Sciences / Healthcare
Blue Ridge Partners Management Consulting (UK) Ltd
Blue Turtle Consulting UK LtdN/A
Bluestonex Consulting LtdN/A
Bondy Consulting LtdN/A
Booz Allen Hamilton,30.htm
Boston Strategies International,42.htm
Box Twenty Consulting Engineers Ltd
Boxfusion Consulting Limited
BPI Learning Consulting UK
Bradfield Consulting LtdN/A
Brickendon Consulting Limited
Bridgespan Impact
Browline Consulting Limited
BSBI Consulting LimitedN/A
BSR,45.htm Impact
BTS Group
Burke Bioventures- Sciences / Healthcare
Business Agility Consulting Limited
BWB Consulting Ltd
C|T Group
Capital One / Economics
Castle Consulting Group LimitedN/AN/A
CCS Fundraising
Cello Health Bio Consulting Sciences / Healthcare
Censeo Consulting Group\A
Center For Applied Research\A Sciences / Healthcare
Centric Consulting Sciences / Healthcare
Change Associates,28.htmHuman Resources / Leadership
Charles River Associates (CRA)
Chartwell Consulting Limited
Clancy Consulting Limited
ClearViewN\AN\AN\A Resources / Leadership
ClearView Healthcare Partners Sciences / Healthcare
Cleo Life Sciences- Sciences / Healthcare
CMA Strategy Consulting
Cobalt Consulting (UK) Ltd
Coeus Consulting Ltd
comsec consulting uk ltd
Concentra Consulting Ltd
Consulting Point Executive Search & Selection Ltd
Contechs Consulting Limited
ConVista Consulting Ltd
Cope Health Solutions Sciences / Healthcare
Copperman Consulting LTDN/A
Cornerstone Research / Economics
Corporate Value Associates,37.htm
Cowry Consulting LtdN/A
Creative Network Consulting Ltd
Creative Synergies Consulting Limited
Crimson Consulting (UK) Ltd
Crowe Horwath Global Risk Consulting LLP
CSS Consulting Group- Sciences / Healthcare
Cubit Consulting LimitedN/A
Curtins Consulting Limited
Dalberg Impact
De Rossi Consulting LtdN/AN/AN/A
Deallus Sciences / Healthcare
Deallus Consulting Ltd Sciences / Healthcare
Dean & Company\A
DeciBio Sciences / Healthcare
Deep Consulting UK Ltd
Delta Partners
Dixon Hughes Goodman
DMT Consulting Limited
Doctors Management Sciences / Healthcare
E R A Consulting (UK) Ltd
Eames Consulting Group Limited
Eastwood & Partners (Consulting Engineers) Ltd
ECG Management Consultants Sciences / Healthcare
Economic Consulting Associates Limited
Editec Marketing Consulting Limited
EFESO Consulting
Egon Zehnder International
Elementa Consulting Limited
Elenor Consulting LimitedN/A
Elix-IRR Consulting Services Limited
emagine Consulting LtdN/A / Economics
Endeavor Management Co.-
Enterey Sciences / Healthcare
Establish Consulting
Eunomia Research & Consulting Ltd
Everest Group
Expedio Consulting Ltd
Falck Fire Consulting Limited
Farsight Consulting LtdN/AN/A
Fichtner Consulting Engineers Ltd
Fideres Advisors Consulting Limited / Economics
First Manhattan Consulting Group / Economics
First Place Consulting Limited
Fisher IT Asset Consulting LimitedN/A
Flatt Consulting Limited
Fletcher Spaght Sciences / Healthcare
Flint Consulting Limited
Frontera Consulting UK Ltd
FSG Social Impact Advisors Impact
FTI Consulting
Futuresource Consulting Ltd
Gallagher Impact
Gallup Consulting
Galt & Company
Gartner MBA/ Masters Summer Assoc. North America
Gatehouse Consulting LimitedN/A / Risk
Gazelle Global Consulting Ltd
GBI Consulting LimitedN/A
GE Healthcare Partners Sciences / Healthcare
Geotechnical Consulting Group LLPN/A
GHW Consulting Engineers Ltd
GLGconsulting ltd,3_KO4,14.htm
Goddard Consulting LLPN/A
Grant Thornton / Risk
Health Advances Sciences / Healthcare
Health Dimensions Group Sciences / Healthcare
HighPoint Solutions Sciences / Healthcare
Highstead Consulting Limited T/A Highstead Partners LimitedN/A / Economics
Hilton Consulting / Economics
Hitachi Consulting UK
HOP Consulting Ltd
Horváth & Partners
Hulley & Kirkwood Consulting Engineers Ltd
Huron Consulting Group
Hush Project Management & Consulting LimitedN/A
i-Pharm Consulting Limited Sciences / Healthcare
IBM Consulting\A,3_KO4,14.htm
IBU Consulting Ltd
ICF Consulting Limited
ICS Consulting LtdN/AN/A
Illumination Consulting Limited
Indigo Consulting London LimitedN/A
Infinite Global Consulting Limited
Infinity Works Consulting Limited
Infosight Consulting Services Limited
Infosys Consulting,7_KO8,18_IP66.htm
Infuse Consulting Limited
Inner Circle Consulting,23_IL.24,30_IM1035.htm
Interactive Space Consulting LimitedN/A
IQVIA Sciences / Healthcare
Jabian Consulting
James Christopher Consulting LtdN/A
Jarrard Phillips Cate & Hancock Sciences / Healthcare
Jubb Consulting Engineers Limited
Judicium Consulting Limited
K&P Scientific LLC- Sciences / Healthcare
KAPPA Training and Consulting Services Ltd
Karsons Consulting LimitedN/A
Kartar Consulting LtdN/A
Katalyst Healthcares and Life Sciences Sciences / Healthcare
Kearney (formerly AT Kearney)
Kendall Life Sciences- Sciences / Healthcare
Kepler Canon Cannon/Kepler Cannon
Keystone Strategy
KGAL Consulting Engineers Ltd
Kinapse Sciences / Healthcare
Kirtana Consulting UK Limited
Kline Consulting Europe Ltd
Knowledge Capital Group Sciences / Healthcare
Kovaion Consulting Limited
Kx Advisors Sciences / Healthcare
Labor Management Institute--- Resources / Leadership
LDA Design Consulting Limited
Lean Consulting Limited
Leigh Fisher Associates
LexaMed Sciences / Healthcare
Life Scientific Inc Sciences / Healthcare
Logistics Management Institute
LSC Sciences / Healthcare
Magenic Technologies
Magma Consulting LimitedN/A
Mandarin Consulting Limited
Mars & Co
Marsh & McLennan Companies
Mavens Consulting Limited
McChrystal Group\A
MDSec Consulting LimitedN/A
Medical Consulting Group Sciences / Healthcare
Medius Consulting LimitedN/AN/AN/A / Economics
Mercer / Risk
Method Consulting LLP
Michael Bradbrook Consultants Ltd T/a Bradbrook Consulting
Miebach Consulting Limited
Mitchell Madison Group
MLM Consulting Engineers
Montenero Consulting Limited
Mott MacDonald
Mountain Hare Consulting LimitedN/A
MThree Corporate Consulting Ltd
Multrees Consulting Limited,37.htm
MWM Boardroom Consulting LLPN/A
Myrtle Consulting Group
Nasim Consulting Limited
NERA (Economic Consulting) / Economics
Netlight Consulting Limited
Neueda Consulting Limited
Newton Europe
NMG Financial Services Consulting Limited / Economics
Nordic- Sciences / Healthcare
Norman Disney & Young Consulting Ltd
North Highland Company Sciences / Healthcare
Northbridge Group
Novantas / Economics
O.C.S. Consulting plc
O'Brien Group- Impact
OC&C Strategy Consultants
Ocean Strategy
OFEC Consulting LtdN/A
Olivehorse Consulting Services Ltd
Oliver Wyman
One Point Consulting Ltd
Optum Sciences / Healthcare
Opus Three- Sciences / Healthcare
Orbium Consulting Limited
Osman Consulting Ltd
Oxera Consulting LLP
Oxford Global Associates
PA Consulting Group
Padstone Consulting LimitedN/A
Park Square Consulting LtdN/A
Paul Mason Consulting Ltd
Pearl Meyer & Partners
Pearson Ham Consulting Ltd
Pinnacle Consulting Engineers Ltd
PKF Consulting
Plum Consulting London LLPN/A
Plural Strategy,26.htm
Point B
Portas Consulting Limited
Pragma Consulting Limited
Pragmatica Consulting LimitedN/A
Precision Global Consulting LtdN/A
PRMA CONSULTING LTD Sciences / Healthcare
Procensol Consulting Ltd / Economics
Procura Consulting LimitedN/A
Prophet Consulting
Prospect 33 Consulting / Economics
Providge Consulting
PTS Consulting Partners LLP
Public Consulting Group UK Ltd
Putnam Associates Sciences / Healthcare
PYA Sciences / Healthcare
QA Consulting Services Ltd
Qral Group
Quantem Consulting LLP
Quantics Consulting Limited Sciences / Healthcare
Quick Release Automotive Consulting
R.Rhodes & Partners (Consulting) Limited
Radix Legal & Consulting LimitedN/A
Red Badger Consulting Limited
Red Box Telecom Ltd t/as Red Dawn Consulting
Redstone Impact
RHR International
Riddwood Consulting Engineers Ltd
Ridgefield Consulting Ltd / Economics
RINA Consulting Ltd
Riveron / Economics
Robert West Consulting
Robinson Associates (Consulting Engineers) LtdN/A
Rohit Thakur Consulting Ltd T/A RT Ventures
Roland Berger
RSM US / Risk
RSP Consulting Engineers LLP
Rubix Engineering Services t/a Rubix Consulting
Russell Reynolds Associates
Saddleback Consulting Ltd T/A Saddleback Solutions
Satori Consulting International Ltd
SDG Group
Seaspeed Marine Consulting LtdN/A
Servian Consulting Limited
SFL Regulatory Affairs & Scientific Communication Sciences / Healthcare
SGA Consulting Limited
Sia Partners
Sigma Consulting Solutions LtdN/A
Sikdar Consulting Ltd Sciences / Healthcare
Simon Kucher
Slalom Consulting
Slalom Consulting Limited
Snodas Consulting LtdN/A
Soltys Brewster Consulting Limited
Space Global Strategy
Spur Reply
SRK Consulting (UK) Ltd
SSA & Company
St James's Place Consulting Ltd
Star Lizard Consulting
Sterling Associates,30.htm
Stern Stewart & Company\A
Steven Hirsch & Associates,39.htm-Life Sciences / Healthcare
Strategic Consulting Group (London) Limited
Strategic Decisions Group
Stripe ConsultingN/A
Stroud Consulting
Swanton Consulting
Symphony IT Consulting LTD
Syneos Health Sciences / Healthcare
Synergy Global Consulting LtdN/A Impact
Synpulse Management Consulting / Economics
Syntegra Consulting Limited
TC-Tech IT Consulting LimitedN/A
Team Consulting Ltd Sciences / Healthcare
Teamwill Consulting UK Limited / Economics
Techwass Consulting LtdN/A
Teleglobal Consulting LTD Sciences / Healthcare
Teneo,13_IM615_KE14,19.htm / Economics
Teneo Business Consulting Ltd / Economics
TGA Consulting Engineers LLP
The Chartis Group
The Dedham Group Sciences / Healthcare
The Eckroth Planning Group Sciences / Healthcare
The Trium Group
Thought Logic Consulting
Thought Provoking Consulting Limited
Tillison Consulting LtdN/A
Transform Consulting Group
TraQs Consulting LimitedN/A
Treximo Sciences / Healthcare
Triage Consulting Group Sciences / Healthcare
Trinity Life Sciences Sciences / Healthcare
Trinity Partners
Triple Line Consulting Limited
Turnkey Consulting (UK) Limited
Typhoon Consulting Limited
Tyton Partners-
TYW Consulting LtdN/A
Ubertas Consulting Limited
Unboxed Consulting
Uniqon Consulting Ltd
Vantage Partners
Venture 1 Consulting Limited
Verta Life Sciences- Sciences / Healthcare
Vesta Consulting Limited
Virtusa Consulting and Services Limited
Visions UK Consulting Limited / Economics
Vivaldi Group
Vizient Sciences / Healthcare
Wellspring Consulting
West Monroe Partners
Westernacher & Partner Consulting Limited
Whiteshield Partners
Windrose Consulting Group Ltd. Sciences / Healthcare
Winterhawk Consulting Limited
XCelerant Consulting
Zetter HealthCare- Sciences / Healthcare
Zoodikers Consulting LtdN/A
ZS Associates
OnPrem Solution Partners
AccountAbility-,sacrifice%20to%20work%20life%20balance.-Social Impact
Aleron,17.htm Impact
Arbutus Consulting Impact
Ashurst Impact
ASICCC- Impact
Atkins Impact
Blue Garnet,50.htm Impact
Boyden Impact
Brighthouse Impact
Brook Weath Global Impact
BSD Consulting Impact
Camber Collective,28.htm-Social Impact
Cause Consulting-,27.htm Impact
CauselMPACTS Impact
Changing Our World Impact
Cicero Group Impact
CiTTa Impact
Commonality- Impact
Context Impact
Corporate Citizenship,32.htm Impact
CSR Strategies Impact
Dasra,16.htm Impact
Direct Impact Group- Impact
Donorly Impact
Earth Company- Impact
Earth Systems- Impact
Efficio Impact
Ellis Jones- Impact
Emzingo Impact
Endeavour,20.htm-Social Impact
Forum for the Future Impact
FSG,Really%20supporting%20work%20culture.&text=Pay%20is%20on%20the%20low,FSG%20shuffled%20roles%20%2F%20salaries). Impact
Futerra Impact
GCG,31.htm-Social Impact
Giving Strong- Impact
Greater Mission-,26.htm-Social Impact
Impact Makers Impact
Impacto-,18.htm-Social Impact
Impactt Consulting,18.htm-Social Impact
Impactt Limited,18.htm Impact
Impactual- Impact
Infocus Management Consulting- Impact
Intersocial Consulting- Impact
Jitasa Impact
KDP Consulting Impact
Kearney Impact
Level 5 Strategy Impact
Linksbridge,22.htm-Social Impact
Macquarie Group Impact
Mosley and Associates- Impact
NEF Consulting,14.htm Impact
OC&C Impact
Pathfinder Impact
Pearl Consulting,36.htm Impact
Pillar Consulting Impact
Praxis,17.htm-Social Impact
Pro Social Consulting-,20.htm-Social Impact
Prosper Strategies,29.htm-Social Impact
Ramboll,18.htm Impact
Resilience-,31.htm-Social Impact
RSM Impact
Sancroft Impact
Sattva-,17.htm-Social Impact
Seven Positive- Impact
SLR Consulting Impact
Social Impact Advisors- Impact
Social Impact Consulting- Impact
Social Impact Institute- Impact
Social Value Consultency,34.htm-Social Impact
Merck Sciences / Healthcare
Sopact-,17.htm-Social Impact
Spark Strategy,25.htm-Social Impact
Spring Impact,24.htm-Social Impact
SRK Consulting,25.htm-Social Impact
STV Group Impact
SustainAbility- Impact
TCC Group Impact
ThirdPlateu-,24.htm-Social Impact
TSIC,25.htm-Social Impact
Viva Impact
Volans Impact
Wachs Strategies-
Reos Partners
Renoir Consulting,16_KO17,38.htm
Cambridge Healthcare Research Sciences / Healthcare
Kepler Consulting
Ollen Group
Fusion Analytics
Frontier Design Group, LLC-
Voyance Group---
GuideHouse Consulting,21.htm?__cf_chl_jschl_tk__=pmd_E9s1rweIEzR_IYF7hNgnr0Ze43BSHPQWpkK4J6mjftE-1634264520-0-gqNtZGzNAnujcnBszQil-Generalist
Aspirant Management & Technology Consulting,19.htm
GEC Consulting
DeftEdge Impact
Dark Horse Consultinghttp://www.darkhorseconsultinggroup.com,38.htm Sciences / Healthcare
APCO Worldwide Impact
Omlie Consulting,17_KE18,34.htm?jl=1008048398934
Cairneagle Associates LLP,32.htm Impact

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