FTI Consulting Online Assessment: 3 Tips on Acing It

FTI Consulting Online Assessment

The FTI Consulting online assessment is a mini GMAT-style test applicants take before the interview stage. There is good news, though, because getting to this test means you’ve moved on from the resume screening stage.

Consulting is a competitive field to break into, so more and more firms are using aptitude tests to identify top talent to interview. Since FTI Consulting is a global firm, standardized tests give recruiters a consistent way to evaluate candidates worldwide.

In this article, we’ll discuss:

  • What is the FTI Consulting online assessment?
  • Our 3 tips on preparing for the FTI Consulting online assessment
  • What other consulting firms use assessments or tests in their hiring process

Let’s get started!

FTI Consulting Online Assessment: What Does It Entail?

The FTI Consulting online assessment is part of the FTI Consulting recruiting process. It entails a series of verbal, logical, and mathematical tests. The tests are very similar to GMAT-style tests.

FTI Consulting doesn’t require every candidate to take an online assessment. Each region and department, like the Economic Consulting group, can choose if they want to administer the online assessment to candidates. Don’t worry about if you are asked to take an assessment. This decision is based on the office or team’s standard candidate evaluation process. It’s not a reflection on you. 

The FTI Consulting online assessment generally includes 3 sections: math, logical reasoning, and verbal reasoning.

What Does The FTI Consulting Online Assessment Entail

Mathematical Test

The mathematical portion of the online assessment is a simple way for FTI Consulting to confirm that you can perform the analysis required for consulting projects.

These math questions will not be as difficult as an AP Calculus exam, but the questions will be complex. They’ll require you to digest and interpret data sets.

Check out this article on the Deloitte Online Assessment for detailed examples of the math problems you will face.

Many candidates struggle with math questions in any form: the online assessment, the case interview, or mock presentations. If quantitative problems are a challenge for you, you’re not alone. As a consultant, it’s important to become fluent and comfortable with math.

To boost your math skills and your confidence, be sure to do enough practice problems. Once you’ve practiced enough, you’ll probably recognize most types of questions on this assessment. During the test, you won’t feel as stressed if you feel like you’ve seen something similar before. Also, clarify with the recruiter if a calculator is allowed.

A Woman Preparing For The FTI Consulting Online Assessment

Logical Reasoning Test

The logical reasoning test will evaluate your ability to draw conclusions based on the information provided. This part of the test focuses on your problem-solving capabilities and ability to recognize patterns.

You probably took simpler logical reasoning tests when you were younger that included multiple-choice options for similes or antonyms.

The information provided to you can only result in a single correct answer outlined in the logic of the information you are given. Make sure you focus on the relationship between the pieces of data in the question. 

This is another area where practice meets perfect. If you’ve done your reps, you will (maybe? almost?) be excited when you get to this portion of the FTI Consulting online assessment.

Verbal Reasoning Test

In the verbal reasoning test, you will be given a text and asked a series of questions about it. Using only the information provided in the text, answer the question or indicate that the text did not provide enough information. 

This part of the test is the most straightforward. But don’t be lulled into skimming the text and the answers. This section often evaluates how well you pay attention to details.


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3 Tips to Pass the FTI Consulting Online Assessment

1. Crack the Books

Don’t just assume you can do well on this test if you’re a math whiz in school. You might be smart and great at taking tests, but if you have not reviewed the types of questions on a GMAT exam, you will put yourself at a disadvantage during the test. Each online assessment includes different types of questions, and you can review all of them in a GMAT prep book.

2. Practice Answering Different Kinds of Questions

There’s no single set of questions on these kinds of exams, and in fact, the tests evolve as questions get stale. Use GMAT books and online practice tests to get exposure to all types of questions.

We recommend this GMAT strategy guide or this GMAT prep book focused on quantitative questions.

3. Practice Taking Timed Tests

There is no substitute for practicing with timed tests online. Don’t drive yourself crazy taking tests all the time, but set aside a few hours in the evenings or the weekends to take timed online practice tests.

Ensure you’re in a quiet environment with good internet so you will have no interruptions. Be sure you have what you need when you start the test – a pen, paper, and maybe even a calculator if permitted.

If you struggle to complete the tests in the allocated time, it’s a good indicator of what areas you need to focus on to speed up your performance.

Practicing Taking Timed Tests To Pass the FTI Consulting Online Assessment

Other Similar Assessments You May Encounter in Consulting Recruiting

We’ve discussed the FTI Consulting online assessment and how you can ace it. But there are other types of tests that consulting firms use to evaluate your abilities:

Game-Based Tests

Firms like McKinsey and BCG have created games to evaluate your problem-solving skills. Some of these games focus more on specific problem-solving capabilities and the outcome of the game (McKinsey’s Solve Game). Others aim to measure how you think, and there may be no “right” answer (BCG’s Pymetrics Test, the LEK Digital Assessment).

Adaptive Tests

Firms like Roland Berger like adaptive tests, ones that get harder based on how well you do on questions along the way. Your final score will be heavily impacted if you get a lot of answers wrong early on. So if you’re feeling stumped at the beginning of the test, don’t just click through, hoping to get questions you understand. Take your time and give each question your best shot.

Situational Judgment Tests

Some firms want to walk you through situations similar to ones you’ll face on the job and see what you would do. The Accenture Digital Assessment shares data exhibits like charts and sample emails. You’ll be asked how you would respond in that situation. 

For more information, check out Online Consulting Tests: A Roundup.

Other Tests Similar To The FTI Consulting Online Assessment

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In this article, we’ve covered:


  • An overview of the FTI Consulting online assessment
  • 3 tips to ace your FTI Consulting online assessment
  • The types of other tests you may find when you apply to other consulting firms

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