The Accenture Digital Assessment: What You Need to Know to Pass

Accenture Digital Assessment
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If you’re applying to Accenture, you may be asked to take the Accenture digital assessment. It’s a multiple-choice test that walks you through a simulated consulting project, giving you insight into what the work of a consultant is like.

If you’re just beginning your research on careers in consulting, you may not know much about consulting cases. But by reading this article you’ll get an overview of what to expect on Accenture’s test, as well as links to further resources to help you prepare.

In this article, we’ll discuss:

  • Why management consulting firms use digital tests,
  • What the Accenture digital assessment looks like,
  • An example question and the skills being tested,
  • Tips to help you pass the digital assessment and,
  • What you can expect in the Accenture recruiting process after you pass the digital assessment.


Let’s get started!

Why Management Consulting Firms Are Using Digital Tests

Getting a job at one of the top consultancy firms has always been tough but, with firms reaching beyond a core set of schools to find candidates, it’s more competitive than ever.  

It’s extremely time consuming to read through all the applications the firms receive, so their recruiting teams are moving to a more automated process to help.

They’re turning to:

  • Applicant tracking systems.  These systems search for keywords in your application that match the competencies desired by the hiring firm and acts as an initial filter.
  • Pre-screening assessments. These are tests with digital or virtual reality components that assess candidates on key skills.
  • Gamified assessments. These are games that assess candidates for key skills, and hopefully, make the recruitment process more fun. 

These tracking systems and digital assessments don’t just make the recruiting process more efficient for consulting companies. They also help combat one of the main challenges with human recruitment: unconscious bias.  Unconscious bias is an attitude we hold that unconsciously affects our decision-making.  

In recruitment, unconscious bias can result in lower diversity of applicants making it through the process.

What the Accenture Discovery Portal Digital Assessment Looks Like

Candidates applying for one of Accenture’s entry-level opportunities will apply through the Accenture Discovery Portal online.  Once your application is processed you’ll receive an email saying the next step is to complete the “Accenture Discovery Portal Digital Assessment.”

The assessment has 2 sections:

  • The Situational Judgment Test &
  • The Numeracy Test.

The Accenture Situational Judgment Test

This part of the Accenture digital assessment is run through a platform that simulates a typical consulting project with a client, a business problem, and a goal the client wants to achieve.  You’ll be given a number of different pieces of information: 

  • Images, 
  • Texts, 
  • Charts, and 
  • Graphs.

During the assessment, you’ll be taken through several interactive scenarios: email exchanges, informational videos, and a simulated Skype call. 

The majority of questions ask candidates to rank the answers (which are various courses of action) from 1 to 5, with 1 being the action that you would most likely take, and 5 being the least likely.

The Accenture Numeracy Test

This test uses traditional multiple-choice questions. Candidates are asked to calculate answers based on information on the graphs and charts.  There are 5 options presented and you must select one of the 5. 

The full Accenture digital assessment is expected to take around 1.5 hours to complete.

Who Is Asked to Take the Accenture Digital Assessment?

The Accenture digital assessment is currently being used for full-time hires and will likely be expanded to other recruiting processes such as summer internships.


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Example Questions on the Accenture Digital Assessment & What Skills Are Tested

Ladies Discussing What Skills Are Tested with the Accenture Digital Assessment

The digital test assesses your situational judgment which is your ability to choose the most appropriate action when faced with a workplace problem. Situational judgment tests can be challenging as a number of the options may seem suitable. 

For example:

“You are tasked with selling a new product that doesn’t fit the target market of your company.  Sales are continuing to decrease every month.  Do you….?”

a. Report the issue to your sales manager

b. Keep trying to sell the product

c. Look for innovative ways to approach prospective customers

d. Educate yourself on the latest sales tactics and strategies

e. Stop selling the product, research better options, and present your findings to senior stakeholders

While there is no wrong answer,  there are some answers which are better than others. Accenture will consider your choice in the context of its workplace culture.  If you’re struggling, use what you know about Accenture to guide you.  

Accenture has six core values:

  • Client value creation
  • Best people
  • One global network
  • Integrity
  • Respect for the individual
  • Stewardship

Looking at our example, here is how we’d think about the answers from best to worst:

Best answer: (e) Stop selling the product, research better options, and present your findings to senior stakeholders. This answer shows you’re focused on creating value for the client and researching better options does that.  You’ve also shown integrity in not trying to continue to sell a product that isn’t suited to the market.

Next-best answers: (a), (c), or (d). These answers all show you are taking some action. (a) Report the issue to your sales manager isn’t the best answer because it’s always better to provide a potential solution than to just report a problem. (c) and (d) aren’t the best answers because the sales approach and tactics aren’t the heart of the problem. They’ll probably only improve results slightly, not dramatically.

Worst answer: (b) Keep trying to sell the product. Since Accenture values client value creation, you shouldn’t just continue to do what you’re doing when that strategy is failing.

If you get stuck, focus on answers where you act with a high level of integrity and create value and you should be good to go!

Through asking you to interpret data from charts and graphs, the digital assessment also tests math ability and cognitive function. Accenture is an insight-powered business so the ability to understand, interpret, and extract value from data is a key skill for entry-level business analysts.

6 Tips For Dealing With the Accenture Digital Assessment

1. Set yourself up for success.

Make sure that any tech you are using is fully charged and you have a good internet connection.  Take the test in an environment that feels comfortable and clear away anything that might distract you.

2. Find your focus.

Most of us know at what time of day we are most alert and able to focus.  If you can, schedule your digital assessment for a time when you know you’re most likely to perform at your best.

3. Read the information carefully.

The math required for the calculations isn’t complicated (mostly arithmetic and algebra) but make sure you have all the required information from the various charts and graphs before coming up with your answer. See our article on consulting math for more help.

4. Go with your instinct.

With situational judgment tests there are no ‘wrong’ answers, so don’t spend too long worrying over the different options.  Pick the answer that feels the best to you and move on. That said……

5. Learn about Accenture before taking the test.

While there are no wrong answers to situational judgment questions, you’ll be compared to the traits of successful Accenture consultants.  Understanding what Accenture values in its people might help you choose between 2 similar answers.

6. Don’t forget to breathe!

Your brain needs oxygen to function and taking a few deep breaths can calm any nerves you might be feeling about the test.  Take a moment before the test to breathe and give yourself a few moments between different sections to take a breath before re-focusing on the next task.

What You Can Expect In the Accenture Recruiting Process After You Pass the Digital Assessment

What Follows After Passing The Accenture Digital Assessment?

At this point, digital assessment and virtual or augmented reality platforms act as complements to the traditional recruitment process.  They provide extra information about a candidate to better predict performance on the job. So you’ll still need to prepare for the Accenture assessment day. 

At the Accenture assessment day, there will be a number of both individual and group activities as well as a final behavioral interview. Depending on where in the world you’re applying from there may be virtual reality elements as part of the assessment day.

Accenture’s Group Case Interview

Unlike other consulting firms, Accenture assesses your consultant potential in a group case study environment rather than an individual case interview.  The recruiting team is still assessing your quantitative skills, business logic, and strategic thinking but they are also able to observe how you work within a team to influence others and solve problems collaboratively.

Accenture’s Behavioral Interview

The behavioral interview explores your personal qualities, matching them against those required of a successful Accenture consultant. Be prepared to answer questions about your experience with teamwork, conflict resolution, and leadership.  Accenture values innovation so focus your examples on times where you solved problems in a creative or interesting way.

To find out more about how to prepare strong answers for these interview questions, see our article on behavioral interviews

After successfully navigating the assessment day, you’ll finally receive the coveted letter that welcomes you as the newest member of Accenture’s team.  Congratulations!

In this article, we’ve covered:

  • Why management consulting firms use digital assessments,
  • What you’ll face during the Accenture Discovery Portal digital assessment,
  • Example questions from the Accenture digital assessment and what skills it tests,
  • Tips to help you succeed in the Accenture digital assessment and,
  • What happens after you pass the Accenture digital assessment.


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6 thoughts on “The Accenture Digital Assessment: What You Need to Know to Pass”

  1. I’m asked to give 40 minutes digital assessment test in Accenture after clearing the technical and HR interview. What can I expect from this test? I’m a SAP PI/PO Consultant.

  2. I received my feedback after completing the online assessment. My least developed strength is “tech advocate”. Given that Accenture uses technology at its core, I guess I’ve failed to meet their criteria.

    • You might be right about Accenture’s interest in candidates who are tech advocates. I talked to some of our Accenture experts and they mentioned that in the past, the firm has provided new hires with 2 weeks of coding training as part of their onboarding process. This might be a blow if Accenture was one of your top picks, but you might take the opportunity to think about what type of consulting firm is the best fit for you. Reading the different firms’ “values” pages can tell you a lot about their culture and what they look for in recruits. Another consulting firm with less tech focus might be the right one for you.

      Good luck with the recruiting process!

      • Rakshitha,

        We’ve heard of Accenture and other consulting firms getting back quite soon after candidates take their digital assessment, but sometimes they take a couple weeks. While it’s hard to wait for feedback, you can put the time to good use by practicing for case interviews and preparing your behavioral interview stories. Best of luck!



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