The LEK Digital Assessment: What to Expect & How to Prepare

LEK Digital Assessment

Like other management consulting firms such as McKinsey, BCG, Bain, and Oliver Wyman, LEK Consulting has added a digital assessment to its recruiting process.

Why are all the top consulting firms adding digital pre-screening assessments? 

Because they want to open their recruiting process to a diverse applicant pool. 

It’s good that LEK is giving candidates a shot at landing an interview even if they haven’t attended a top business school or life sciences program. But the company needs an efficient way to screen for which candidates should be brought in for in-person interviews.

This is where the digital assessment comes in, so you’ll need to be prepared for it if you want to move forward with the process.

Don’t worry! We can help.

In this article, we’ll discuss:

  • Why LEK is using a digital assessment,
  • What the LEK digital assessment looks like,
  • 6 tips on preparing for the LEK digital test,
  • How LEK is using the digital assessment results, and
  • What you can expect In the LEK recruiting process after you pass the digital assessment.

Let’s get started!

Why Is LEK Using a Digital Assessment?

Competition for jobs is fierce and nowhere is that more apparent than in new hire recruitment for the large consultancy firms.  

Recruiting teams don’t have the capacity to sift through all the applications they receive and are turning to automated applicant tracking systems that search for keywords in resumes and cover letters that match desired competencies.

Digital assessment is different from traditional applicant tracking systems in that it introduces an element of gamification to search for characteristics that match those of successful consultants. 

LEK is looking for the following key competencies in associate hires:

  • Strong logic,
  • Good analytical problem-solving capability,
  • Numerical skills,
  • The ability to remain calm under pressure, and
  • A lot of common sense.

While these will also be tested during the interview process, an initial screening by digital assessment helps reduce the size of the applicant pool and make the recruitment process more manageable for the firm’s recruiting department.

Digital assessment also reduces the inherent bias found in human recruitment which increases the diversity of the applicant pool.

And it should prove a fun and engaging way for candidates to demonstrate their competencies.  HireVue, the company that developed the LEK digital test, wants to, “Ditch the long-form, legacy assessments for fun, engaging games that can measure job-relevant competencies in less than 10 minutes.”


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What Is the LEK Digital Assessment?

Early on in the LEK recruitment process, you’ll receive an email directing you to the digital assessment on the HireVue site. 

But when you go to click on the link what exactly can you expect to find?

The LEK digital assessment is a series of games that take about 10 minutes to complete. LEK’s recruiting team uses the games as part of the process of assessing the competencies they value in new hires. 

It’s similar to the BCG Pymetrics assessment, though feedback has suggested the BCG assessment is shorter and slightly easier.

In a game-based assessment, you complete several short games in your internet browser or through an app on your smartphone.  Each game takes a few minutes to complete and comes with instructions to guide you on how to complete it.

The games start easier, so you can get used to the game format and the task, then they increase in complexity.  They are designed to be easy to use and intuitive – you don’t need to be a gamer to do well!

The LEK digital assessment includes 3 types of questions:

  • Mental math. This digital game tests for numerical skills. You’ll get a final product and an operator (+, -, *, or ). You have to choose the 2 numbers from a list that ‘solve’ the math problem.

Screenshot of the LEK Digital Assessment Math Game

  • Pattern memorization. This game tests for memory. You’ll be shown a complex shape with some parts of it highlighted.  You’ll need to recall which parts are highlighted from one or two views before.
  • Jigsaw puzzle-like games. This game tests problem solving skills and logic. Move pieces around within a fixed area to solve a task.  For example, a plumbing-like game where you move pipe pieces around to form a complete connection.

Screenshot of LEK Digital Assessment Pipe Game

The LEK digital games, as a whole, test your common sense and ability to remain calm under pressure. They might remind you of typical ‘brain teaser’ games.  

There are no behavioral questions asked during this phase of the assessment.

6 Tips to Prepare for the LEK Digital Assessment

Candidates Preparing For The LEK Digital Assessment

While HireVue suggests there is no real way to practice for the digital test there are certainly ways to best prepare yourself for facing the assessment.

1. Check your tech.

Ensure that the device you’re using to complete the test is plugged in or fully charged and that you have a good internet connection.

2. Check your environment.

Make sure that your environment is set up to help you perform at your best.  Take the assessment in a space that helps you feel calm and that is free from distractions.

3. Schedule your assessment appropriately. 

LEK gives you a window in which to complete the digital assessment.  Games of this kind require a high degree of focus so plan to take your assessment at a time you normally feel most alert.

4. Read the instructions.

The games are usually simple and intuitive and it can be tempting to start straight away.  But taking a moment to check you completely understand what you need to do can save you from making the wrong assumption and ruining your shot to interview with LEK.

5. Take a quick moment between each game.

Though the LEK digital games are short, the high degree of concentration required can be tiring.  Between each game take a small break to shut your eyes, take a breath, and put the last game behind you so you can fully focus on the next one.

6. Search out other digital games that test numeracy, logic, and problem-solving.

If nothing else, practicing under pressure will help you to remain calm during the stress of the test itself and is good practice for your future as a consultant.

How Is LEK Using the Data from the Digital Assessment?

The Importance of Analyzing The LEK Digital Assessment Data

Digital assessments rank candidates based on how closely their profiles on the digital games match the profiles of successful consultants. Because of this, while there is no “wrong answer” on the digital tests, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the types of skills LEK is looking for and attend on-campus or virtual information sessions to find out more about the company and its consultants.

What You Can Expect in the LEK Recruiting Process After You Pass the Digital Assessment?

After you complete the digital assessment, successful candidates will then be invited to a series of interviews.  These interviews will be a mix of case and behavioral/fit questions. 

The case interview questions help LEK assess your quantitative skills, business logic, and strategic thinking. They focus on market sizing and strategy. 

LEK does work across the healthcare, industrial, consumer, and private equity sectors, but they are particularly strong in the life sciences in some markets. If you have a background in this area, prepare for cases focusing on biopharma, healthcare services, and MedTech to “wow” them during your interviews. 

The behavioral and fit elements determine whether you have the personal qualities required of a successful consultant and whether you can use them effectively within the culture of LEK. Be prepared to answer questions about your experience with teamwork, conflict resolution, and leadership.

To find out more about how to prepare strong answers for these interview questions, see our article on behavioral interviews

Initial interviews will be conducted by recruitment specialists and consultants. Later interviews will be with managers or partners.

After successfully navigating the interview process, you’ll finally receive the coveted letter that welcomes you as the newest member of LEK’s team.  Congratulations!


In this article, we’ve covered:

  • Why LEK is using a digital assessment,
  • What the LEK digital assessment looks like,
  • 6 tips on preparing for the LEK digital test,
  • How LEK is using the digital assessment results, and
  • What you can expect in the LEK recruiting process after you pass the digital assessment.

Still have questions?

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