The Deloitte Discovery Internship

The Deloitte Discovery Internship

Are you in your freshman (first) or sophomore (second) year of undergraduate study and thinking about a career in consulting?

If so, you may be a great candidate for the Deloitte Discovery Internship! Top-tier professional services firm Deloitte offers this program for first and second-year undergraduates who are excited about exploring a career in consulting.

It’s a great way to build your network, leadership, and problem-solving skills – which will serve you well in any career – and to get an inside perspective on what consulting is like, as well as what it’s like to consult for Deloitte specifically.

But what is the Deloitte Discovery Internship — and what does it take to get in?

In this article, we’ll discuss:

  • What the Deloitte Discovery Internship is like.
  • Requirements of the Deloitte Discovery Internship.
  • What to expect in the application and selection process.
  • 6 top tips on landing a prestigious Deloitte Discovery internship in the Consulting service line.

Let’s get started!

What the Deloitte Discovery Internship is like.

Deloitte Discovery Internship

The internship is designed to expose freshman and sophomore undergraduate students to the different Deloitte client service lines (Audit and Assurance, Consulting, Advisory, Tax, Internal services, etc.). Interns will have the opportunity to be hands-on with client work, receive mentorship from senior colleagues, and attend learning programs by Deloitte University.

In this article, we’ll cover some general information about the internship as well as some specific guidance to successfully apply for the Consulting track, since consulting is our focus.

To apply for the Consulting service line, you’ll need to do the following: 

  • If you’re a freshman, you want to declare consulting as your first interest. A select group will be offered consulting as an option, whereas the majority will have only the rest of the service lines to choose from.
  • If you’re a sophomore, you want to apply to the job posting for the consulting service line (e.g., here).

The program is offered across multiple locations in the US. Interns will have the option to pick which office they want to work in based on availability.

Successful candidates go through intensive 8-10 weeks of real work experience. A Deloitte Discovery intern in the Consulting service line can expect the following:

  • Getting staffed on client engagements for the duration of the program
  • Hands-on experience with what consultants do (e.g., writing strategy documents and building analytical models)
  • Formal and informal mentorship from experienced consultants
  • Attending learning events through Deloitte University
  • Participating in social events to learn more about the culture and get to know peers and senior consultants

There are many benefits of the Deloitte Discovery internship program, such as:

  • Competitive pay for the duration of the internship
  • Corporate benefits (e.g., free lunches, gifts, and corporate cards)
  • Sophomore interns are eligible for the NextGen Leaders Program where they will receive a scholarship

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Requirements of the Deloitte Discovery Internship

The ideal candidate for the program is the following:

  • Current freshman and sophomore undergraduate students
  • Pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business, accounting, economics, STEM, or a related field
  • Strong academic credentials (preferred minimum GPA of 3.2 at the end of the academic year)
  • Strong problem-solving skills
  • Effective communication skills
  • Demonstrated leadership and teamwork skills
  • Willingness to travel

The program is open to all eligible candidates. Students from minority groups (Black or African American, Hispanic or Latinx, American Indian or Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander, or two or more races) are encouraged to apply.

What to Expect in the Application and Selection Process.

Deloitte Discovery Internship Interview

Students can apply for the program throughout the year for the 2024 internship. There is no deadline for the program. You can apply here.

For successful applicants, the interview process is the following:

  • 30-minute behavioral interview (e.g., “Why Deloitte?” “Why consulting?”)
  • 30-minute case interview (e.g., conceptual and analytical business questions)

Make sure you check out our article “Case Study Interview Prep” for more information on passing case interviews.

6 Top Tips on Landing a Prestigious Deloitte Discovery Internship in the Consulting Service Line

1. Write a strong resume that is relevant for consulting

From your professional, college and high school experience you want to highlight experiences that show exceptional academic performance (e.g., GPA and coursework), leadership abilities (e.g., leading a student club), and teamwork skills (e.g., competing nationally in a team sport). These are specifically relevant for consulting recruiters.

Make sure you check out our article on “Consulting Resumes.

2. Tailor a cover letter for the program

Write a short cover letter that shows:

  • Your interest in Deloitte and consulting
  • Why you are a strong fit for the program
  • What you hope to get out of the program

Make sure you check out our article “A Consulting Cover Letter that Lands Interviews” for advice on writing a strong cover letter.

3. Never skip practicing the case interview

The most common mistake that young candidates do is to go straight into the interview process without preparation, assuming that consulting interviews are like other job interviews. Consulting interviews are structured and test your skills as a professional. You will need to prepare to practice the interview skills to improve your chances of getting the offer. Team up with a friend or hire a coach to get you ready for consulting interviews.

4. Have a compelling story

Why do you want to do a consulting internship with Deloitte? What do you hope to get out of the experience? Make sure your story is clear, concise, and memorable to stand out from the crowd.

  • A good story: “Through my academic experience studying engineering and economics, I realized that I thrive on solving new and diverse problems. For example, [share an example that illustrates how you enjoy solving challenging problems]. Consulting at Deloitte is the best place to apply my interests and skills.”
  • Not so good story: “I want to travel and work on new projects every few months.”

5. Present yourself positively

This is an opportunity to showcase your skills and experiences. Make sure that you focus on the positive things without bragging. Also, avoid any negative language (e.g., I failed, or I was rejected) that is not framed as a lesson that propelled you forward. It’s totally fine to share a time you failed, but be sure to focus the story on what you learned and how you moved forward.

6. Do it with passion

Very few people get the chance to be exposed to Deloitte and consulting at an early stage of their careers. The opportunity can set you up for future career success. Make sure to express your excitement for the opportunity and to bring energy to the conversation.

– – – – –

In this article, we’ve covered:

  • Deloitte Discovery Internship Program overview
  • Program eligibility
  • Program interview process
  • Top tips for getting in

Still have questions?

If you have more questions about the Deloitte Discovery Internship, leave them in the comments below. One of My Consulting Offer’s recruiters will answer them.

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      Good luck!


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