Top Management Consulting Firms in San Francisco

management consulting firms in San Francisco
Leah Naylor
Leah Naylor

Former BCG San Francisco Recruiter

San Francisco’s unique setting, diversity of industries, and successful startups have long made this U.S. city one of the most sought-after places to live and work. You will find a dynamic group of management consulting firms in San Francisco, as well as digital consulting opportunities here.

During this time when change is the only constant, there is no lack of consulting opportunities in San Francisco.

If you’re looking for a career in management consulting in the Bay Area, we can help! We’ve put together a comprehensive list of the top management consulting firms with offices in San Francisco.

Start your research here as you dig into which firms to apply to.

Our list includes:

  • What’s unique about San-Francisco-based consulting work,
  • Top strategy consulting firms with offices in San Francisco,
  • Big 4 & Tier 2 consulting firms in San Francisco, and
  • Boutique consulting firms in San Francisco.

Let’s get started!


What’s Unique about San Francisco-based Consulting Work

The City by the Bay is the epicenter of the startup world. Many people are drawn to consulting in San Francisco because they want to work on digital tech, private equity, and entrepreneurial projects. This type of work can definitely be found in San Francisco. In fact, there is more of an entrepreneurial vibe here than in any other city around the world.

But that’s not the only consulting work to be found here.

San Francisco is home to 18 Fortune 500 firms across a variety of industries. Other industries represented in Bay Area consulting work are healthcare, life sciences, consumer goods, financial services, and retail.

What Made Bain San Francisco Unique? My rent was twice as much as what my friends in Texas and Atlanta paid and that was for a space the size of a closet! But Bain San Francisco surrounded me with people who were like-minded . . . people who also wanted to work in tech, wanted to enjoy the food scene in SF, and also wanted to avoid winter while enjoying nature.

 – Davis Nguyen, former Bain San Francisco consultant and MCO Founder

In terms of functional focus, typical San Francisco-office consulting projects focus on corporate finance, digital tech, marketing, operations, and strategy.

The San Francisco offices of consulting firms look for the same skills as other offices:

  • Strong leadership abilities,
  • Exceptional problem solving and analytics,
  • A drive to succeed, and
  • An entrepreneurial spirit.

San Francisco offices typically set a high bar because of the volume of applicants interested in living in the Bay Area is so great. Having an interest and/or background in technology can be an advantage when you are applying since so many consulting firms focus on this type of work in the Bay Area.

Several of the consulting firms also have high hiring targets for their Bay Area offices since these tend to be large offices with a lot of leadership opportunities.


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Top Strategy Consulting Firms in San Francisco: Bain, BCG, & McKinsey

Bain San Francisco

Bain’s focus is to do high-impact work for their clients while helping the talented people who work for Bain achieve great success. Their San Francisco office continues to be one of its fastest growing. More than 400 people work there.

Bain’s San Francisco and Silicon Valley offices are treated as a single office for purposes of the local staffing model and hiring efforts. This means that whether you are in the SF or SVO office, you’ll mostly work with clients in the Bay area, but there is still the opportunity to travel, and this means you will always be staffed with others who are in the SF or SVO office. Bain does a majority of their Private Equity work from here.

The Bain San Francisco office is large and it serves a range of clients including:

  • Technology,
  • Healthcare,
  • Biotech,
  • Financial Services, and
  • Consumer and Retail.

San Francisco is also a hub for much of Bain’s Digital innovation work.

My Consulting Offer founder, Davis Nguyen, worked at the Bain San Francisco office before becoming an entrepreneur. See his extensive Q&A on his experience at Bain San Francisco for all the details.

BCG San Francisco

BCG San Francisco has a fast-paced atmosphere that is as intellectually rigorous as other offices, with a more relaxed and informal work space. The San Francisco and Silicon Valley (Mountain View) offices operate as a single Bay Area office. Mountain View also houses the DigitalBCG Immersion Center.

The Bay Area team, along with the Seattle and Los Angeles offices, operate as a West Coast region. BCG uses a regional staffing model, so your client work will likely take you somewhere in the Pacific Northwest at times.

BCG San Francisco serves a wide range of clients, including:

  • Financial Services,
  • Biotech,
  • Healthcare,
  • Energy,
  • Advanced Technology, and
  • Consumer and Retail.

McKinsey San Francisco

McKinsey San Francisco is known for its innovation and entrepreneurial drive. The San Francisco office is part of McKinsey’s West Coast region which includes San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Seattle, Los Angeles, and Denver.

McKinsey is the oldest consulting firm here. It first opened an office in 1944. Typical clients for the McKinsey San Francisco office are in the following industries:

  • Financial Services,
  • Healthcare,
  • High Tech,
  • Consumer,
  • Retail, and
  • Energy.

McKinsey has a global staffing model which can mean that your cases won’t all be in San Francisco.

Firm NameJob BoardCompany ValuesReviews

Tier 2 & Big 4 Consulting Firms In San Francisco

Location of management consulting firms in SF

Note that Deloitte, PwC, and EY also have other consulting firms they’ve acquired under their network (e.g., EY-Parthenon). We list those firms here as well.

Accenture San Francisco

Accenture has offices in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. Over 2,000 of Accenture’s employees are located in the Bay Area. Their Innovation Hub is also in San Francisco and has about 200 employees, with plans to expand.

Deloitte Consulting San Francisco

Deloitte Consulting’s focus is to help their clients solve their toughest problems. In the United States, Deloitte and its subsidiaries have more than 80,000 professionals. The San Francisco office specializes in:
  • Strategic Transformation,
  • Growth Strategy, and
  • Global Partnerships.

Deloitte Strategy & Operations San Francisco

Deloitte Strategy & Operations client service offerings include Monitor Deloitte, operational transformation, finance, mergers and acquisitions, social impact, and supply chain manufacturing operations. Deloitte’s staffing model is local/ regional, so you would likely work with clients in the Pacific Northwest as well as the Bay Area.

EY San Francisco

EY’s San Francisco office has about 1,700 professionals. Their client base spans the following industries:

  • Technology,
  • Real Estate,
  • Consumer Products,
  • Asset Management and Insurance,
  • Banking and Capital Markets,
  • Health Care, and
  • Social Media industries.

EY – Parthenon San Francisco

EY – Parthenon is a global strategy consulting firm with more than 6,500 professionals. They have offices in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. Client work is in the following industries:

  • Consumer Products,
  • Financial Services,
  • Healthcare,
  • Information and Media,
  • Life Sciences,
  • Private Equity, and
  • Technology.

EY – Parthenon’s Growth, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Strategy practice areas are based in San Francisco. Their staffing is based on the west coast, so you would likely travel less with EY – Parthenon than with a consulting firm with a global staffing model like McKinsey.

Kearney San Francisco

Kearney (formerly AT Kearney) is one of the oldest management consulting firms and has a large variety of industries and practice areas. They have offices in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. Kearney uses a local staffing model so consultants generally have little travel.

Management consulting firms in sf bay area

KPMG Advisory & KPMG Strategy

KPMG Advisory is the consulting arm of KPMG and has over 32,000 employees in the U.S., with offices in San Francisco’s Mission neighborhood and Silicon Valley. KPMG’s focus is management consulting, deal advisory, and risk consulting and strategy. Typical consulting client work is in:

  • Digital Transformation,
  • Data Analytics,
  • Operations,
  • Technology,
  • Risk Assurance,
  • Corporate Strategy, and
  • Mergers and Acquisitions.

Monitor Deloitte San Francisco

Monitor Deloitte is the strategy practice within Deloitte. Typical clients work in San Francisco is in:

  • Corporate and Business Strategy,
  • Customer and Marketing Strategy,
  • Digital Strategy,
  • Innovation,
  • Business Transformation,
  • Technology,
  • Media and Telecommunications.

PwC Strategy San Francisco

PwC Strategy works with clients on a wide range of business solutions in assurance, tax, and business consulting services. The San Francisco office is located in SOMA and they have two locations in Silicon Valley.

Strategy& San Francisco

Strategy& is the global strategy consulting arm of PwC. It has an office in San Francisco. They specialize in:
  • Business Strategy,
  • Organisational Strategy,
  • Consumer Strategy,
  • Product and Service Innovation,
  • Operations, and
  • Technology Strategy.
Firm NameJob BoardCompany ValuesReviews
Deloitte Strategy,8_KO9,28.htm

Boutique Consulting Firms in San Francisco

L.E.K. San Francisco

Top tier strategy consulting firms like Bain, BCG, and McKinsey, as well as the Tier 2 and Big 4 firms are the most sought-after consulting firms in San Francisco. Still, there are 50 other firms that warrant a closer look. 

Boutique consulting firms often have a specialty field such as healthcare, life sciences or private equity. They can be a great place to gain experience in an area that most interests you. These smaller firms can also offer a faster growth trajectory with increased opportunities for client-facing work. 

Here are profiles for a couple highly-sought boutique consulting firms:

L.E.K. San Francisco has about 40 people. L.E.K. is known for bringing deep in-market expertise to clients. The company does work in:

  • Consumer Products, 
  • Healthcare,  
  • Industrials, 
  • Life Sciences, 
  • Private Equity, 
  • Technology, 
  • Travel, and 
  • Telecommunications. 

L.E.K.’s San Francisco office works within a region that covers North and South America. The firm’s staffing is done on a local basis.  

L.E.K. has a differentiated staffing model. They do much less work onsite at client organizations than other firms and spend more time in their own offices.

Oliver Wyman San Francisco

Oliver Wyman San Francisco’s client work is focused on the following industries:

  • Business Services,
  • Communications,
  • Media and Technology,
  • Financial Services,
  • Health and Life Sciences,
  • Retail and Consumer Goods, or
  • Travel and Leisure.

Oliver Wyman’s functional areas of expertise are corporate finance and restructuring, digital, brand and innovation, operations, operational effectiveness, pricing sales and marketing, risk management, strategy, and climate and sustainability.

Firm NameJob BoardCompany ValuesReviews
Altman Solon
Acquis consulting,23_IL.24,37_IC1147401.htm
Alexander Group,22_IL.23,36_IC1147401.htm
Applied Value group,13_IL.14,27_IC1147401.htm
blue matter
The Bridgespan Group,20_IL.21,34_IC1147401.htm
Camber Collective
CCS Fundraising,15_IL.16,29_IC1147401.htm
Cornerstone Research,20_IL.21,34_IC1147401.htm
ECG Management Consultants,26_IL.27,40_IC1147401.htm
Egon Zehnder,12_IL.13,26_IC1147401.htm
Grant Thornton,14_IL.15,28_IC1147401.htm
Health Advances,15_IL.16,29_IC1147401.htm
Keystone Strategy
Leigh Fisher
Mars And Co Group,11_IL.12,25_IC1147401.htm
Nera Economic Consulting,24_IL.25,38_IC1147401.htm
Oliver Wyman,12_IL.13,26_IC1147401.htm,12_IL.13,20_IM167.htm?filter.iso3Language=eng
Putnam Associates
Qral Group
Russell Reynolds
Trium Group,11_IL.12,25_IC1147401.htm
West Monroe,11_IL.12,25_IC1147401.htm

In this article, we’ve covered:

  • What’s unique about San-Francisco-based consulting work,
  • Top strategy consulting firms in San Francisco,
  • Tier 2 & Big 4 consulting firms in San Francisco, and
  • Boutique consulting firms with offices in San Francisco.

Still have questions?

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Nail the case & fit interview with strategies from former MBB Interviewers that have helped 89.6% of our clients pass the case interview.

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