10 Top IT Consulting Firms: What Makes Them The Best?

Top IT Consulting Firms

IT consulting is a sought-after segment of the  consulting industry, but what does it entail? 

If you are interested in the intersection of technology and consulting, you’ll want to learn about the top IT consulting firms and how to apply.

In this article, we’ll discuss:

  • What does “technology consulting” mean?
  • How is tech consulting different from management or strategy consulting?
  • Who are 10 of the best tech consulting firms, and what makes them unique?
  • 5 tips on how to land a job at top technology consulting firms

Let’s get started!

Defining “Technology Consulting”

Technology is a field that continually evolves as companies innovate. 

We are living (and consulting!) in a world where most companies will never be “done” with technology work. Over the past decades, firms have had to digitize work, move systems and data to the cloud, support remote work, and now incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning into standard workflows. 

Therefore, the work of the top IT consulting firms will never be done. Technological transformation has been a dominant driver of business strategy for decades and will continue to be for decades to come. 

Technology consulting firms offer a wide variety of work, but they are best known for implementing programs that include massive technological transformation.

Technology implementation often includes: 

  • Designing entire new systems of technology platforms
  • Selecting the best vendors
  • Architecting how the platforms will connect
  • Designing operating models and process flows that will steer how thousands of people will interact with these systems on a day-to-day basis

The top technology consulting firms have solid playbooks to ensure these transformations go smoothly.

What Are The Top IT Consulting Firms

Examples of Common Implementation-Focused Technology Consulting Projects

  • Develop a technology roadmap that spans several years and includes multiple platform and system changes. Sequencing these transitions is based on how foundational they are to running the business efficiently, how urgently the company needs an upgrade, or how important they are to performance expectations.
  • Manage a multi-year technology transformation by developing specific milestones and week-by-week work plans for building, integrating, and launching multiple systems. In these projects, you will interact heavily with client teams and support them on large, complex journeys. These projects can last years, but junior consultants typically cycle through a project for a few months at a time.
  • Develop IT requirements and assist with vendor selection. IT consultants often know the best way to design and communicate their clients’ requirements or needs to technology vendors. These teams may help design the Request For Proposal (RFP) and manage or have input during vendor selection.
What Do The Top IT Consulting Firms Do

Technology Consulting Firms Do Strategy, Too

It’s not all implementation at technology consulting firms. These firms also offer standard strategy projects. Strategy consulting may not be their bread and butter. However, these firms have completed many successful technology transformations, which informs strategy work.

Here are some examples of strategy projects that IT consulting firms could do:

  • Develop and implement a strategy for a retailer to integrate artificial intelligence across operations, from supply chain optimization to personalized customer experiences
  • Help a manufacturing company seamlessly integrate Internet of Things (IoT) technologies into its processes, enabling real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance
  • Support a logistics firm to use blockchain technology in its supply chain, enhancing transparency, traceability, and security

How Technology Consulting Firms Differ From Strategy Consulting Firms

The top IT consulting firms are similar to strategy or management consulting firms. If you join either type of firm, could do pure strategy work or technology consulting. 

Technology consulting firms have such great experience delivering impact for their clients that they have translated that into winning more pure strategy consulting work. On the flip side, strategy and management consulting firms have been enticed by the long-term contracts associated with IT consulting. Most have expanded their offerings to include technology implementation projects. It helps these firms keep “boots on the ground” for long periods and fosters long-term client relationships. 

That said, at a top strategy consulting firm, you’re more likely to spend more time on pure strategy projects. At a top technology consulting firm, you’re more likely to spend more time on implementation-type projects.


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10 of the Top IT Consulting Firms

Technology consulting is such a significant and vital industry that there are too many firms to count. Here are 10 top firms you should know.


According to Vault.com, Accenture is one of the largest IT consulting firms, with over 600,000 employees worldwide. Accenture is often the first technology firm leaders think of when they need to tackle major technology-driven transformation. The firm offers various services, including strategy, tech innovation, and more. Learn about Why Accenture is a top firm in this article.


Deloitte is another massive global firm with over 400,000 employees and Accenture’s top competitor for technology consulting work. In addition to IT consulting, Deloitte offers financial advisory, risk, tax, and audit services.

IBM Global Business Services

IBM is another global powerhouse. The firm offers technology consulting in addition to outsourcing services. Companies can hire IBM to operate some or all of their IT services. This offering provides IBM with a real advantage. Because they partner closely with clients, they learn how they work and can provide even greater value than a true outside firm. IBM has invested heavily in AI.

Infosys Consulting

Similar to IBM, Infosys offers both consulting and outsourced services to clients. Infosys focuses on implementing global solutions through digital transformation.

PwC Consulting Solutions / Strategy&

PwC, the major accounting house, has a consulting division with a solid reputation for supporting strategy and transformation.


Another consulting firm, KPMG, offers a gamut of consulting services, including IT consulting. Like PwC, the firm is known for its audit services but specializes in risk management.


Capgemini operates more on the prestigious end of technology consulting. The firm offers highly technological services but is less well known for holistically supporting clients through long-term major system implementations.


Cognizant is another global firm that focuses on helping clients with digital transformations. Cognizant also offers outsourcing services and is transitioning to provide the full suite of IT consulting services.

Slalom Consulting

Slalom is a younger, more boutique, fast-growing IT consulting firm. Many of the staff at Slalom bring years of technology expertise to the firm. The firm is often more involved with technology integration than other firms. Consultants may drive the development of new technology for their clients and oversee the engineers doing the work.

Tata Consultancy Services

Tata Consultancy Services is another global firm part of a larger conglomerate, the Tata Group. TCS is based in India but has a global reach and offers a broad spectrum of IT technology services.

Building A Resume For The Top IT Consulting Firms

5 Tips to Break Into the Top Tech Consulting Firms

1. Build Up Your Resume

To get a job at one of the best technology consulting firms, you’ll need a standout resume. If you’re in school, you can take quantitative and business classes, join technology clubs, and volunteer with technology associations.

2. Do Your Research About Current Technology Themes

Technology is a fast-moving industry and function. It seems that every few years, there are major thematic evolutions that drive business conversations around technology. Read about the latest themes related to social networks, cloud computing, data privacy, data security, artificial intelligence, or whatever is driving conversations.

3. Do Your Research About Technology Consulting Firms

You will impress recruiters and consultants if you demonstrate your knowledge of their work and culture. You should study company websites, research what employees say about them on Glassdoor, FishBowl, and other job sites, and read articles published by the firms.

The Interview Process At The Top IT Consulting Firms

4. Make Relevant Connections

Technology consulting is a very people-oriented profession. From the outside, it can seem mysterious to figure out how to get a job as a consultant. Make some connections by being genuinely interested in the work people do. Those consultants may shepherd you through the consulting interview process.

5. Learn About The Consulting Interview Process

It is very demanding to interview for consulting jobs. You will need the best version of your resume, which may require multiple drafts. You will need to prepare for consulting interviews, which include case interviews (solving a business challenge in an hour-long discussion with a consultant) and behavioral interviews (challenging questions about your personal approach to work and solving problems). 

At MCO, we have many resources to help you get started, including How to Get Into Consulting: A Roadmap.

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In this article, we’ve covered:

  • An overview of technology consulting
  • The difference between management or strategy consulting and technology consulting
  • Highlights of the best IT consulting firms and why they stand out
  • 5 ways to get a job with the top technology consulting firms

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