How important are the new pre-assessment tests consulting firms are using? Do they matter in the interview process?

Consulting firms are all about finding and hiring the best talent to help solve their clients’ business problems, so some of the firms have begun to add the pre-screening tests such as the McKinsey Problem Solving Game and the BCG Pymetrics test to their interview process. One of the main benefits of digital pre-assessments is their ability to screen applicants in places where the firms don’t currently conduct interviews, so applicants from non-target schools are almost certain to see it. In terms of their importance, they are a part of your application that will be looked at, so we suggest that you think of them as part of the interview or application process. Not everyone who applies gets invited to these interviews. If you do get an invite to a pre-assessment test, just know that if you pass, the next step will be the first round interview. So, it’s very important that you take the pre-assessment test seriously – we have a lot of materials to help you prepare for them.

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