If I want to do a more niche type of consulting, for example, human capital in the commercial space, what's the best way to find these roles and weed them out from the generalist position? And what's a good way to learn the myriad of different ways that companies call these, some call it human capital versus talent and organization?

To figure out which role to apply to, the recruiters will be really transparent for you if you’re a good fit for a role or if you should apply for something else.

So, you can get connected to that generalist recruiter and say, “Hey, my background is this, I’m actually really interested in human capital consulting. Would you recommend I apply to this associate role? Or would you recommend a more specialized role?”

In terms of the roles that are more specialized or more niche, we always just recommend going to the firm websites themselves since each firm might have different names for these practice areas, but don’t let that confuse you.

Keep a tracker of each firm you are interested, how they name them, and what the role looks like. You could even use our list of firms as a starting point.

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