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Consulting Bootcamp

This is for you if you aren’t applying within a year but want to get a head start on everyone

What's included:

Get the Interview

This is for you if you are worried about getting interviews but are confident you can pass.

What's included:

Pass the Interview

This is for you if you already (or expect to) have interviews.

What's included:

Most Popular


This is for you if you want support from beginning to end.

What's included:

What is Included in the
Training Materials?

Inside the mind of a recruiter

Understand what consulting firms look for when they are deciding to interview you or not.

Write a winning resume & Cover Letter

Learn how to craft resumes and cover letters that will get you interviews with consulting firms.

network your way into an interview

Learn how to turn a cold email into an interview referral even if you don’t know working in consulting.

Case like the top 1%

A step-by-step process to master the case interview in as little as a week.

Mastering case interview math

Learn our top strategies, tricks, and tips on improving your mental math skills.

master the fit interview

See the difference between average and exceptional answers to fit interview questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we have worked with clients from many different backgrounds and have packages at various price points to suit their financial needs, as well as a payment plan option. If you’re serious about getting an offer and would be open to discussing a plan based on your needs, one of our consultants would love to talk more.

Yes, additional case sessions are available (up to any number of sessions you need – there is no hard cutoff) and the price depends on how many sessions you are looking to add and how many you start with. Please inquire with our team about pricing for additional case sessions.

Yes, while we recommend our full-program to get the most value, you can also purchase individual case sessions. Please inquire within for pricing.

Our coaches invest their time in getting 85% of our client’s offers (in roles with an average starting salary of $108,000).

While we would love to be able to offer the program to everyone, results are always going to be dependent on how much the client is willing to put in to get an offer.

We do; however, have an option for success-based pricing. If you qualify, we reduce our price by over 60% and only ask you to pay the difference once you have received an offer.

We offer payment plans where you can break up the price of our program into 2-5 payments. Payment plans are offered for every type of package, including at the success-based price.

The success-based price is a special program we offer to people who we truly believe we can help land a consulting offer. We turn down about 70% of people who apply to work with us since we want to ensure we are confident that we can help you get a consulting offer.

With this model, you will only pay a portion of our full price (the success-based price which is about 67% off) in order to enroll, and  you only pay the difference between that amount and the full price once you are successful in the program – meaning that you have landed a consulting offer. We use this model since we don’t want you to pay the full price until you have that consulting offer in hand.

The reason we don’t have a pricing table on our site is that each program is tailored to the person we are working with and something you can discuss with the team around if your worry is being able to get the interview, passing the interview, or both.

We’ve had several clients who have tried other services out there and said it felt quite different. We put ourselves at a premium price point because you are getting premium personalized services vs. a one size fits all model.

Our coaches have to be in top 2.5% when it comes to mentoring, coaching, and getting results. Just because you worked at an MBB, were a Manager/Principal/Partner, or were a recruiting lead, doesn’t mean you can automatically join our team.

This Spring, almost 200 former MBB consultants interviewed to be on our team. Out of those 200 we only hired 5 who proved they cared about our clients as much as we wanted them to. The entire interview process involves passing interviews with our leadership team which is over 20 hours. Otherwise, we wouldn’t get our 85% rate.

Other coaching services do not interview, train or monitor their coaches. For example, we have one coach on our team who used to work for another program and he never spoke with one person at the company before becoming a coach.

We have a proven curriculum that the team of our best coaches put together. Our team has invested over $250,000 over the past 2 years to build this out so that the best coaches have the best resources to support all our clients with their own personalized plans.

At MCO, every coach is invested in creating a structured curriculum that can be personalized to each client so they can leverage the talent of the team (such as someone who used to teach math before McKinsey built our math curriculum).

Most other programs are “one size fits all” and the materials tend to not be updated over time. Our past clients enjoyed the program so much that they put themselves on video. 

Our team stays up to date with each firm. This is easy for us since we have people who are still very connected to the firms on our team. You aren’t just a customer, you are a client. We want you to succeed beyond just getting your offer letter. This is why we pair you up with coaches and mentors who are invested in your long-term success and career. Here is an example. We don’t take anyone who comes our way and wants to work with us.

We ensure that we don’t overload our coaches so we limit the number of clients they work with at a time. All clients have to pass an application and interview screen (the enrollment call) in order for us to make sure it is a great fit on both ends. If we don’t think we can help someone, we don’t take them on as a client.

And since you are wondering if the investment is worth it, check out this page where you can find out what other clients have said – was working with My Consulting Offer worth it?

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