Do you see success in students going from an internship at a second-tier firm to a top-tier firm for full-time?

Yes, we see this transition happening all the time. When it comes to getting a consulting job, you have to get the interview and then you have pass the interviews.

In terms of getting the interview, a great summer experience at a second-tier firm is a great addition to your resume and your story of why consulting.

As always, it’s not just the name that’s on there, but actually, what did you do? And did you have a really unique experience there?

So that absolutely is helpful for the MBB firms in getting the interview. Then, when it comes to passing the interview, it’s all about being at or above the bar in all of the key areas of the case interview and if you landed a tier 2 offer, you likely are strong are case interviews.

But the bottom line is absolutely, if you’ve got done an internship at Deloitte, and you’ve had an awesome experience there, that’s a plus in applying MBB.

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