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We take a unique, personalized approach to provide each school and student with the resources they specifically need in order to get the best results. 

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All of Our Programs May be Conducted as..

An In-Person Live Event

A Live, In-Person Presentation and Workshop

A Virtual Event

A Virtual Presentation and Workshop

Presentation & Training Topics

Is Management Consulting Right For Me?

Discover if consulting is the right career for you and the differences between consulting firms as you apply.

Writing a Resume & Cover Letter That Get Interviews

See for yourself what separates a resume and cover letter that gets interviews to those that end up in the trash.

Learn to Network Your Way into an Interview

Learn to network with consulting firms so you can get interviews even if you no have connections today.

Passing the Fit

Find out how to research what firms look for in behavioural interviews and pass your fit/behavioural interview.

Master the Case Interview

Discover a method for mastering the case interview even if you only have a week to prepare.


Learn the business concepts you need to know to pass your interview.

The Psychology of Getting an Offer

Discover what to do before, during, and after your interview to maximize your chances of getting an offer.

Master Mental Math

Develop the math skills needed to pass your interview even if you are bad at math.

Templates for Winning Resumes and Cover Letters

Start with a template if you don't already have a resume or cover letter.

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