Hiring: Application Advisor

Who We Are

We’re My Consulting Offer, a fully remote company that helps students & graduates land their dream jobs in management consulting through 1-on-1 coaching – as simple as that! 

What started as our founder’s passion for helping people land their dream jobs while still being able to carve a life outside of work, has quickly grown into a global team, where most of whom have previously worked at McKinsey, Bain, BCG & many other major consulting firms.

About the Application Advisor Role

  • .This role will be handling a minimum of 20 outbound calls each workday with our potential clients, to help them make the decision of whether to enroll in our coaching program that helps them land a job in management consulting.
  • You don’t have to find your own leads & currently, we have a backlog of potential clients wanting to talk to you, so filling your calendar with calls will not be a problem.
  • This job is 100% remote. 
  • We don’t have an office, set hours nor capped vacation leaves. You can choose where, when & how you work. With unlimited vacation, take the week off to go surfing if the waves are good, go traveling if you are missing the mountains or just to explore a hobby you have been wanting to make time for.
  • You have autonomy, where no one will be micromanaging you.
  • You’ll be working in the best type of culture–community based, relationship-focused & no expectations to work beyond your capacity.
  • You’re helping people! 
  • The role is based on quick conversations, where you get to give your insights to help people with things you know. No other expectations beyond that.
  • There is always room for you to grow if you want!
  • Work hours will follow US time zones.
  • We pay $500/month salary with additional bonuses starting at $500/month for any successful enrollments into our program.

We Want Someone Who

  • wants to make an impact in people’s lives.
  • can promote a coaching program that is built on integrity & create life-changing results.
  • has at least 2 years of call center experience handling outbound sales.
  • is a critical thinker with very good problem-solving skills.
  • has good time-management skills.
  • has great interpersonal & communication skills.
  • is not afraid to ask questions.
  • is fluent in both written & spoken English.
  • has a laptop/pc, headset, high-definition webcam & has access to at least 10 mbps of internet speed.


Learn more about what we do, first!

If this role description resonates well enough, send your CV to: jeremy@myconsultingoffer.org & put ‘Application Advisor’ in the Subject field.

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