Hiring: Enrollment Specialist

My Consulting Offer (MCO) helps students and recent graduates become management consultants by coaching them to land and pass interviews at firms such as McKinsey, Bain, BCG, Deloitte, and other consulting firms – simple as that! 

What started as one person’s passion for helping people land their dream jobs has quickly grown into a global team of 10+ full-time team members and about 50+ part-time coaches and mentors. To date, we have helped over 700 people land in consulting and we continue to grow. We operate on 5 continents so you could say that we are a global team that is taking over the consulting world. 

Our team is made up of former consultants and recruiters who spent time at the same firms we help our clients get jobs at. Here is how we do it (our process).

What We’re Looking For

We’re looking for a closer/sales expert to join our growing Enrollment Team. If you are looking

for a role that will allow you to create life-changing results for people & obtain a good earning

potential, then read on.


For this role, we want to hire someone who:

  • wants to make an impact in people’s lives
  • can promote a product that is built on integrity & create life-changing results.
  • has at least 6 months of experience working in McKinsey, Bain, BCG or any major consulting firm

Having sales experience would be nice, too.

What’s The Role All About?

  • You’ll be taking around 7 to 8 thirty-minute calls each workday with potential clients, to help them make the decision of whether to enroll in our product (a coaching program that helps them land a job in management consulting).
  • All our calls are inbound, so you don’t have to find your own leads & currently, we have a 1-week backlog of potential clients wanting to talk to you, so, filling your calendar with calls will not be a problem.
  • This job is 100% remote. You can work as little or as much as you want.

  • Work hours are flexible and & you can build your schedule how you want.

  • You have autonomy, where no one will be micromanaging you.

  • You’ll be working in the best type of culture-community-based, relationship-focused & no expectations to work beyond your capacity.
  • You’re helping people!

  • The role is based on quick conversations, where you get to give your insights to help people with things you know. No other expectations beyond that.

  • There is always room for you to grow if you want!

Where do I apply?

If this role description resonates well enough, send your CV to: jeremy@myconsultingoffer.org & put ‘Enrollment Specialist’ in the Subject field.

We are excited to invite you to the online event.

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