BCG Values Revealed: Find Out What Matters Most

Understanding BCG values is important if you’re considering working there. Ever wondered how consulting firms like BCG earned their prestigious reputation?

Get insights into the unique culture and unwavering professionalism upheld by BCG consultants in any office.

In this article, we’ll discuss:

  • What are the BCG Values
  • The mission statement and why it’s important to the BCG core values
  • The impact of BCG values on culture and teams
  • 4 tips on how to demonstrate your fit with BCG values in your application

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What Sets BCG Values Apart

BCG is one of the top 3 firms in management consulting, also known as the MBB firms (McKinsey, Bain, and BCG). Given their size and prestige, these firms typically tackle the highest-stakes projects and offer the most competitive exit opportunities if you decide to leave BCG after a few years.

What makes BCG different from the other 2 competitors?

  1. Industry-leading frameworks, tools, and insights: If you’ve heard about the growth-share matrix or cash cows in consulting case studies, BCG created these!
  2. Customized approach to delivering client services: BCG tailors the problem-solving approach to each client’s situation versus re-using recommendations or playbooks offered to other clients.
  3. Unique culture: As with most firms, cultural fit will significantly affect the decision to join. BCG’s people care about your personal and professional development. When working long hours, it’s important to like the people you are with!
  4. BCG career path: You’ll have many options to carve your career path at BCG. You could continue on the consulting path, join one of BCG’s internal practices, or explore another BCG arm. For example, BCG Gamma works with its clients to leverage artificial intelligence and big data for new businesses and digital transformation projects. BCG Digital Ventures is the corporate innovation, incubation, and investment arm that works with large corporations and startups to combine design, technology, and business strategy. Check out our article on the BCG Career Path to learn more about the opportunities.

These differentiators are a great starting point to craft your answer for “Why BCG?” in a behavioral interview.

Explaining what sets BCG apart in meeting

BCG Core Values

BCG values are not just buzzwords but a way of working. These values serve as guiding principles and shape interactions with clients and colleagues. You can feel the similarities across global locations because of the consistent foundation of values.

Let’s take a look at the 9 core values at the heart of BCG:

  1. Integrity: BCG consultants consistently act honestly, uphold strong moral principles, and take accountability for their actions. They prioritize doing what is right, even in challenging client situations.
  2. Diversity: The company embraces diverse backgrounds, experiences, and ideas as they fuel innovation and drive exceptional results.
  3. Respect for the individual: BCG supports the employee’s desire for personal growth.
  4. Clients come first: BCG measures success by the client’s success. The ultimate goal is always to create long-lasting value for clients.
  5. Strategic perspective: BCG’s perspective and expertise enable clients to perform sustainably.
  6. Delivered value: BCG prioritizes results in the form of tangible, positive, and lasting change.
  7. Partnerships: A long-term view guides BCG’s internal and client relationships.
  8. Expanding the art of the possible: BCG believes its goal is to apply best practices and invent new concepts as an industry leader.
  9. Social impact: BCG recognizes its responsibility to create positive societal change, leveraging its expertise to address pressing global challenges.

As a global leader, BCG is committed to the highest ethics and business conduct standards. BCG employees are expected to uphold these values to foster a culture of collaboration, client service, and professional excellence.

Seeing BCG Values in action

Here are some examples of BCG company values in action:

  1. Delivered value: BCG’s top 100 clients have generated an additional $2.5 trillion of value above local market indices in the past 10 years.
  2. Diversity: BCG values diverse talent and perspectives and has over 30,000 management consultants, data scientists, engineers, and venture architects in more than 50 countries.
  3. Social impact: In the last 2 years, BCG’s work has directly protected the health of 500 million people in lower and middle-income geographies.
  4. Respect for the individual: 96% of alums recommend BCG as the place to work, with 50% of alums stating they would consider returning to BCG.

If you’re deciding which firm is right for you, consider how the BCG values align with your personal and professional goals.


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How BCG Values Impact the Culture

BCG has a clear mission statement: “Unlocking the potential of those who advance the world.” Achieving the mission statement requires creating a culture that fosters collaboration, professional development, impact, and innovation.

Are you wondering what this looks like in practice? Here are examples:

  1. Sharing feedback regularly and directly: You can expect positive and developmental feedback regularly. BCG also encourages upward feedback (i.e., giving feedback to your supervisor).
  2. Upholding client interests: In every situation, you can expect a BCG consultant to think about what is best for the client.
  3. Being personable: BCG consultants care about building intimate and long-lasting relationships internally and externally. Teams spend a lot of time together working, so you need to build strong relationships.
  4. Having a go-getter attitude: BCG consultants value thinking about new ways of doing things for the highest possible impact.

5. Believing in idea meritocracy: “No idea left behind, no matter who brings it to the table,” is a BCG motto. Only the best ideas win.

4 Tips on How to Highlight Your Compatibility with BCG Values on Your Application

Preparing to highlight BCG Values in application

1. Highlight Your Relevant Experiences

Share compelling stories from your academic or professional background that align with one or more BCG values. Doing this would bring credibility to your application and demonstrate your genuine interest in joining BCG.

For further insights and guidance, check out our article “A Consulting Cover Letter that Lands Interviews.”

2. Craft a Compelling Narrative for "Why BCG?"

Delve into the BCG values that resonate most deeply with your beliefs and aspirations, drawing upon your unique background and work preferences. Let your passion and conviction shine through as you convey your fit with BCG’s core values.

3. Mention BCG Consultants You’ve Connected With

Have you networked with a BCG consultant that you got to know well? What makes them different? Reflect on what sets them apart and why their perspectives have resonated with you. Highlight 2 to 3 learnings that have left a lasting impact.

4. Show Your Enthusiasm

In your cover letter, convey your eagerness to work with compassionate, hard-working, and intellectually driven colleagues committed to delivering a long-term positive impact to clients.

Check out our article on preparation for BCG case interviews for more tips that will help you land your dream job.

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In this article, we’ve covered:

  • What makes BCG different
  • The 9 BCG values
  • The impact of the BCG values on the culture
  • Top tips for tailoring your application to BCG

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Nail the case & fit interview with strategies from former MBB Interviewers that have helped 89.6% of our clients pass the case interview.

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