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If you’re considering a career in management consulting, you already know these jobs are hard to land. Over 300,000 applicants apply each year to firms like McKinsey and less than 2% get a job offer. 

It can also take hundreds of hours of consulting case prep to feel like you are ready to pass your case interview.

That’s why you’re on this page right now.

You already know that getting case interview coaching can increase your chances of landing an offer significantly.

And getting help is not a sign of weakness.

In fact, having a second pair of eyes take a look at what you’re doing and critiquing your weaknesses, and then working with you to improve them, is one of the keys to landing an offer.

Star Athletes, Musicians, & Actors Hire Coaches. You Should Too!

If LeBron James has a shooting coach, Ariana Grande has a vocal coach, and Meryl Streep has an acting coach, then getting coaching can only help you become the best version of yourself.

Without an expert overseeing what you’re doing, you’re simply guessing.

I don’t know about you, but I think trying to guess your way through a case interview is one tough task to crack. Coaching essentially “shortcuts” the learning curve and helps you to avoid the mistakes you may otherwise make. 

It’s no coincidence some of the most successful athletes, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders often credit their success to their coaches and mentors. 

What’s more, you know that great coaching can reduce the number of hours needed to prepare for an interview. 

Am I right?

This is a great first step.

So many candidates end up trying to figure out how to land an offer on their own, spinning their wheels, and are frustrated when they get the “Sorry we went with someone else” email.

The good news is, that is not you.

You want to know your options for getting case interview coaching.

While there are tons of consulting interview coaches out there claiming to offer you a proven process to landing you an offer, there is only a small percentage of truly great options.

I want to run you through 6 things you should consider before hiring a case interview coach.

Without further ado, let’s dive into these…

1. What Is the Case Interview Coach’s Track Record?

This should go without saying but you want to do some research on the case interview coaches’ track record of producing offers for their clients.

Sure, it’s one thing to coach someone and to do a “good job,” but ultimately your goal is to get an offer.

You want to make sure that the person or company you are looking at has a strong track record of producing offers for their clients.

If they do not, then you need to ask yourself…

Is it worth taking the risk to invest money in somebody when they don’t have a strong track of producing results?

This is such an important factor when looking to get consulting interview coaching.

The average consultant makes $5 million over their career, so investing a few thousand dollars in a consulting interview coach has great payback, but only if you spend your money with the right coach.

 2. Has the Coach Worked in Consulting Before? Conducted Interviews Themselves?

The next step when seeking out a case interview coach is to find out whether they have worked in consulting before. You want to work with a case interview coach who has consulting and actual interviewing experience.

That way their coaching sessions will be much more customized and specific to consulting case interviews vs. someone who never worked in the industry or just interned at the firm for a summer.

Without this type of experience, the case interview coach will be giving out more general feedback which isn’t customized to what you need. They will not be able to teach you how to structure a consulting case to show you have top problem-solving skills and they won’t help you polish your technique until you can compete against top candidates.

All the big consulting firms have nuances when it comes to not only case interviews but how the firm operates.

Working with a consulting interview coach who has management consulting experience will give you a big advantage because they can give you more info on what an interviewer is thinking when they are deciding to give you an offer or rejection.

3. Do They Have a Track Record of Landing Offers for Candidates with No Business Background? Who Were New to Consulting Case Interviews?

Something else you should consider when taking a look at your case interview coaching options is whether they have experience working with candidates who don’t have a business background or are starting from zero with their casing.

In short, was the case interview coach able to help these candidates overcome these weaknesses and land an offer?

This is particularly important if you are worried about your business acumen, your current experience level, or how much time you don’t have.

You want to work with a consulting interview coach who has experience helping candidates with these weaknesses land offers.

Otherwise, the case interview coach may be able to help someone who already has case experience and an impressive background get offers,  but may struggle when it comes to helping other candidates get offers who don’t have as strong of a business background, casing experience, or time on their hands.

4. Does the Consulting Interview Coach Have Real Testimonials & Reviews?

You wouldn’t hire a doctor to perform life-threatening surgery without knowing his past success rate.

Anyone can claim to be a case interview coach and can make up fake reviews and success numbers, but can they back it up? Can you actually see live video reviews made by past clients? Look up their Linkedin profiles and know they are a real person working a real job in consulting?

Anyone could claim a lot of client success stories, but do they have proof?

If the case interview coach isn’t prepared to reveal this information to you (which they should), it is like a doctor saying he has saved Kevin G.’s life, but you can’t find Kevin G. talking about the doctor anywhere. Would you really go with that doctor who can’t show you proof?

 5. Pricing System: Does the Case Interview Coach Have Skin in the Game? 

It is important to consider whether a consulting interview coach requires their entire fee to be paid up front or whether part is paid after you land an offer.

Case interview coaching sessions can be expensive.

Yet, what you want to think about is the return on investment by landing an offer.

The consulting salary for just your first 2 years is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you land an offer, it will far surpass any fee for coaching sessions.

That said, there are consulting interview coaches who will share the risk with you. You will pay a smaller amount up front, and then you will pay the remaining balance once you get the offer.

This is a fantastic option because it means your case coach is invested in your success. They don’t make their living until you get an offer. 

It is like when you want to work with a lawyer, do you want to pay everything up front regardless of the outcome, or would you want your lawyer to make their living once you win your case?

6. Is the Coach’s Program Tailored to Your Needs, Timeline, & Strengths/Weaknesses?

Every candidate is unique and has different needs, strengths and weaknesses.

What’s more, you may have your case interview coming up next week.

Effective case interview coaching should be built around customizing everything to the candidate.

You want to avoid using any case interview coaches who rely on one-size-fits-all approaches. Instead, find a coach who takes the time to get to know your strengths, what stands in the way of you getting an offer (your weaknesses), and builds a plan to show off your strengths and improve your weaknesses until they are no longer weaknesses.

So, make sure when seeking out a new consulting interview coach, that everything is customized to your unique individual needs and requirements.


There you have it.

Those are the 6 things you should consider before hiring a consulting interview coach.

It’s a big investment not of just your money, but also your opportunity. It is not every day that you have a chance to interview with a top management consulting firm, so you want to make sure you don’t lose your opportunity because you picked a bad coach.

You want to be able to get the best case interview coaching possible.

The final thing to add is this…

Real-life management consultants get paid for results and not just for time.

You should apply the same philosophy when seeking out a case interview coach.

The end goal is for you to land an offer at the firm of your choice.

If a particular consulting interview coach can’t help you get there, then paying for case interview coaching sessions with them is a waste of not just money, but your time and your opportunity.

This is not a decision to take lightly because making the wrong decision could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars to millions in earnings.

That’s a decision you should take your time over!

P.S Don’t just take our word for our client success rate – check out these client results within the video below:

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