Which books do you suggest for case preparation, for case question practice?

There are very few casing preparation books out there that are bad, but we also haven’t seen any that are outstanding.

One of the reasons we at MCO have developed our own proprietary library of cases is because everything that’s out there is around a B- score when it comes to meeting the bar.

It’s not because the cases are bad, it’s because the explanation of the answers are not as in depth as they could be. Most case books will say something along the lines of, “Hey, here’s the case. We’re going to walk you through it. And here’s the answer.”

What they don’t tell you is, “Okay, well, why is the answer what it is? How did you get there?” ; it is why our resources doesn’t teach you to solve a case but to learn to “think like a consultant” so you can not only solve cases, but also excel in your career whether or not you decide that consulting is for you.

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