Your Path to Top Medical Schools in Australia

Thinking about applying to Australia to maximise your chances of getting into medical school? Discover everything you need to know in this one-stop shop webinar.

Wed, 15 May

7pm - 8pm SGT

Online (Zoom)

Did you know that Australian medical schools have some of the most forgiving grade requirements globally?

Getting into medial school is no easy feat, and along with the incredible quality of life that Australia is well-known for, the decision for aspiring doctors to apply to there is a no-brainer!

Learn about:
  • 🔍 Grade thresholds and entry requirements for Australian medical schools
  • 🎯 How to ace the ISAT entrance exam and nail the make-or-break interview
  • 🚀 Returning to Singapore after studying medicine                      overseas – the path to practicing medicine locally

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Zi Wei (Victoria) Li

⭐ Fourth year medical student at the University of New South Wales Sydney, specialising in Gastroenterology
⭐ Graduated from the Canadian International School in Singapore, where she tutored students extensively

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