What is the expected time frame after one submits an application? How fast do they get back to you? How fast do you interview if you are you going to be interviewed?

It varies a lot by firm and office, but generally if you’re a campus hire and you have that set application deadline, the recruiters will typically reviews application the day after the deadline and will usually have a decision within 5-7 days.

Usually a week following the announcements of their decisions, the interviews happen 1-3 weeks after. Some offices and some firms host interviews on several Fridays in the fall, so occasionally you’ll get to choose your preferred slot, but it depends by firm.

For experienced hires, there typically are no hard deadlines at most firms, and they may not be making decisions as quickly as with campus recruiting. You could be waiting 1-2 months for recruiters to go in and review your application. Since not all offices will hire experienced hires and it’s not year round, they will only review the applications when the need exists.

As an experienced hire, you may be waiting a longer but the advantage is you have longer to prepare.

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