Hiring: Sales Operations Specialist

Hello – We’re My Consulting Offer (MCO), a fully remote company that helps students and graduates land their dream jobs in management consulting by coaching them to land and pass their interviews – simple as that. 


What started as our founder’s passion for helping people land their dream jobs while still being able to carve a life outside of work has quickly grown into a global team of 10 full-time and more than 40 part-time team members who worked at McKinsey, Bain, BCG, and many other consulting firms.

What do we value at MCO?

  • Positive impact – We are passionate about truly helping our clients land their dream jobs and change their lives for the long-term. 

  • Collaboration & Teamwork – We believe we can accomplish more through collaboration – the team will always put each other first, so you are never alone.

  • Empathy – We take the time to get to know our clients first to make sure it is the right fit before introducing them to our program.

Who we are hiring for?

We’re searching for a Sales Operations Specialist to help our team manage our fast-paced growth.


Since we are mainly all former consultants and recruiters who wanted to make an impact on people’s lives but still have our own lives, we are looking for someone who also embraces efficiency and communications, and enjoys spotting optimization opportunities. 


We hire people with exceptional talents, abilities, and potential. If you are looking to create an environment where you can thrive both professionally and personally, this role might be for you!

A peek at what your life at MCO will look like:

Here are some of the key responsibilities you will have…

  • Team calendar management: Coordinate complex calendars and schedule meetings (client and non-client); resolve scheduling conflicts quickly and prioritize issues to ensure effective time management; communicate calendar changes and respond to calendar changes as needed

  • Email management: Manage email inbox for several team members across different time zones; draft email responses accordingly in order to make sure the appropriate email is being sent from our team


  • Team support: Provide ad hoc support to other team members; collaborate with the team to maintain a good understanding of pending tasks and priorities


  • Logistical/technical support: Provide support for meetings, workshops using PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and online research

What’s in it for you:

    • Autonomy – You are given full autonomy to propose and implement ideas without having countless meetings, having to prepare PowerPoint slides, or leaving your ideas as just “recommendations” (you can actually implement them).

    • Growth – Similar to your time in consulting, you are getting paid to learn and to work with other smart, driven team members.  

    • The People and Culture – We have a 100% rating on Glassdoor and a 9 out of 10 job satisfaction from anonymous internal surveys from people who worked at McKinsey, Bain, and BCG so you know we are doing something right.

    • Impact – Wake up every day knowing you are changing lives.

    • Work-Life Balance – We don’t have an office, set hours, or capped vacations. You can choose where, when, and how you work. With unlimited vacation, take the week off to go surfing if the waves are good, to go traveling if you are missing the mountains, or just to explore a hobby you have been wanting to make time for.

This position is for you if you have:

    • A high English language proficiency where you’re able to speak/write/read English to a native or near-native level. 

    • A background in sales – at least 1 year working in a sales capacity.

    • An eye for detail that you notice typos and grammatical errors and are always looking to make sure email communication is very professional

    • A desire to be known for getting stuff done, from getting on top of tasks to managing your own projects. We want someone who is results and growth-driven.

    • A passion for building systems and improving operations so strong that when you eat out that you notice ways that the restaurant experience could have been better.

    • An innate fire to keep yourself accountable and to high standards – you aren’t afraid of setting, living up to high standards, and having a high level of ownership.

    • Strong time management skill that you are able to manage projects and tasks in a timely manner and can prioritize tasks on your own

Where is the office?

The best part – we don’t have an office! You can be and work from anywhere you want in the world – on a beach in Bali, eating sushi in Japan, or at your home office.

Interested in growing with us?

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Know someone who might be a great fit? We’d love to give you a referral bonus. Reach out to amy@myconsultingoffer.org for more details. 

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