What does it take to land an offer at the consulting firm of your dreams?

Even if you don’t know where to start, didn’t attend a target school, have no business experience, or don’t have a great GPA, we’ll show you the way. Our program has helped over 500 people get jobs in top consulting firms such as McKinsey, Bain, BCG. Ready to start your own career in consulting?

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Do You Want to Work in Management Consulting, But Not Sure Where to Start?

Are you tired of using outdated case books, YouTube videos, or advice from online forums that you don’t know it is still correct or just hurting your chances of getting into consulting?

Imagine how much easier it would be if you had a proven, step-by-step formula for landing consulting offers which was developed by the very people who made the hiring decisions.

Even better, you wouldn’t have to go in guessing at whether you had prepared for what consulting firms are actually looking for.

Sound like it’s not possible? Well, for 500+ of our program alumni who are now in consulting, we’d say it worked out pretty well.

"I've used a lot of these programs and I've downloaded a lot free resources online but this is a whole different level for anything else I've done before."

100% of our Program was Developed By Former Recruiters and Interviewers Who Worked At…

Why Our Program is More Effective Than Going In Alone

Hi, my name is Davis Nguyen. I’m the owner of My Consulting Offer, former Bain Consultant, and have helped over 500 people get jobs in consulting. 

Back when I was where you are now, I didn’t have the network I do now at McKinsey, Bain, BCG and other consulting firms.

Today, if I had a question about landing an interview or passing the case or fit, I could ask my team and find out within minutes.

But when I was applying, I didn’t have access to this knowledge. 

I relied on outdated consulting books, videos, forums I read online, and advice from friends who were in the same clueless place I was.

Looking back now as the founder of My Consulting Offer, I am embarrassed by how much misinformation I had in my mind that could have easily cost me my interviews and eventual offers.

Have you ever felt that way?

Today, having been on both sides of consulting interviews and worked with a team of McKinsey, Bain, and BCG experts who have read over a combined 285,000 resumes and interviewed over 50,000 candidates, I know the answers. 

We have discovered the most time-efficient, effective, and structured steps to get your offer. 

Before we get into it, there’s something I need to clear up:

If you’ve been struggling to get an interview or pass the consulting case interview — and falling short — you need to understand that it’s not your fault.

Introducing the Get Into Consulting Bootcamp: The Most Time-Effective, Efficient, and Easy Path To Landing the Consulting Job of Your Dreams

Our Program Has Worked So Well It Has Been Featured In…

Here’s Exactly What You Get When You Get Started With The Bootcamp Today

The Get Into Consulting Bootcamp contains everything you ever need to know about landing a consulting offer, from perfecting your resume to acing the case and fit interviews. When you sign up for the Bootcamp, you’ll be sent access to our password-protected training platform.

Within the platform, you’ll get access to 16-value packed training modules (23+ hours of video lessons) covering the topics shown below. You’ll also gain access to our exclusive Facebook community, where you can connect with case partners who you know are serious about management consulting and alumni correctly working in consulting. 

You’ll also gain access to our new library of exclusive bonus materials – including templates for your resume and cover letter, checklists for networking, proprietary homework exercises to help you master the case interview, and much more.

Lesson overview

Inside the mind of a recruiter

Understand what consulting firms look for when they are deciding to interview you or not.

Write a winning resume & Cover Letter

Learn how to craft resumes and cover letters that will get you interviews with consulting firms.

network your way into an interview

Learn how to turn a cold email into an interview referral even if you don’t know working in consulting.

Case like the top 1%

A step-by-step process to master the case interview in as little as a week.

Mastering case interview math

Learn our top strategies, tricks, and tips on improving your mental math skills.

master the fit interview

See the difference between average and exceptional answers to fit interview questions.

Taught By a Former Bain Consultant and CEO of My Consulting Offer

The Bootcamp is taught by Davis Nguyen, Founder and CEO of My Consulting Offer. Davis is a former Bain consultant, and since leaving the firm has helped over 500 aspiring consultants land their dream jobs at top firms like McKinsey, Bain, and BCG. 

Davis draws on the knowledge of his team of former MBB recruiters and consultants who have read over 285,000 resumes and interviewed over 50,000 candidates. 

Davis Nguyen TED doing Questions and Answers

Ready to Join 500 Others in Landing Your Dream Consulting Job?​

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Everyone - from a Music Composer to an Automotive Engineering PhD - Has Landed Consulting Offers With Our Program

Want proof that our program works? Read one of our many success stories we’ve received from program alumni who were once in your position, and are now working in consulting:

BCG Offer, Experienced Hire
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"I've used a lot of these programs, and I've downloaded a lot free resources, but this is on a whole different level than anything else I have ever seen before."
Deloitte Offer, Senior
Read More
"I have endless incredible things to say about the consulting bootcamp. If your goal is to go into every single interview feeling confident and that you prepared as best you can, this consulting bootcamp is the one for you."
AlixPartners Offer, MBA
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"I would say, the course itself is 100% worth it. The way I ramped up pretty quickly, from being a novice caser to being one of the best casers in my program."
Strategy& Offer, Master's
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"Joining this program helped me to unlearn a lot of the things I had learned. And also, to see what the really simple, but really precise way to approach the problems."
BCG Offer, PhD
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"I decided, okay, since I am going to do a serious business with consulting, then I should do a serious training. That's why I actively reached out to My Consulting Offer, and yep, I got the offer!"
McKinsey Offer, Senior
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"There are probably hundreds of these consulting-type bootcamp places - so many places you can spend your money, and I think what sets apart this program specifically is that these people actually care about you and your success."
Tier 2 Offer, Senior
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"There's a lot of different information - a lot of misinformation - and Davis is able to bust a lot of that while also bringing in a lot of insider knowledge about each of the big firms that might not have known if you don't know anyone in those rooms."

What Would You Pay To Get Into Consulting?

The average person with consulting experience on their resume makes in their lifetime over $8 million between their income in consulting and their post-consulting career.

If you could spend a few hundred dollars and have a chance at $8 million, would it be worth it?

For a one-time investment of $497 USD, you will get access to the Get Into Consulting Bootcamp, our proven, step-by-step system for landing consulting offer so you can add consulting as an experience in your resume

In the words of Sharmeen, a former client who went from working in healthcare to BCG:

“The return on investment, I mean – you can do the math, if you look up the salaries of the jobs you’re going to get.”

But We Want You To Really THRIVE With This Program...

So When You Get Started Today, We’ll Also Include 3 Bonuses, Valued at Over $6,500 - FREE!

We want to give you as much help as we possibly can…

Bonus #1: Masters of Casing

Live mock cases with MCO Coaches and Community Members who show you the difference between an average interview performance and an exceptional one; saving you hundreds of hours of practicing.  Watch in real-time what case interview mastery looks like.

($2,000 Value, Yours FREE!)

Bonus #2: Consulting Industry Guides

Don’t have a business background? Use our guides to learn everything you need to know to demonstrate you are an expert in industries that consulting firms work with from Private Equity to Aerospace Defense. By spending 10-minutes on our guides, your interviewer will think you are an industry expert.

($1,500 Value, Yours FREE!)

Bonus #3: “Think Like a Consultant” Homework & Drills

Proprietary homework exercises and drills, broken down into 8 different areas of the case interview. Designed by former MBB consultants to help you master each part of the case interview as quickly as possible from learning to structure your problem to how to do math faster than using your calculator app.

($3,000 Value, Yours FREE!)

You’re Covered By A RISK FREE Moneyback Guarantee!

Still worried you’ll be disappointed? 

You’ll be relieved to know that there’s absolutely NO RISK in giving our Consulting Bootcamp a try for a week because your investment is covered by our RISK FREE money back guarantee:

We believe so strongly in what we do, that if you enroll, watch the training videos in the bootcamp, and do not find the training valuable, we will refund you 100% of your payment.

Don't wait. Start your journey today!

don't put off preparing yourself to land your dream job. You can buy the Consulting Bootcamp course right now for a 67% discount.

P.S. Remember, the {$4000} worth of bonuses are only available for a limited time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there are hundreds of extra materials in addition to the bootcamp modules provided.

We have templates for resumes, checklists, case libraries, proprietary homework, and so much more bonus materials you get access to when you enroll.

Also refer to all the free bonus course access giveaways  for early enrollments listed on the Website.

The bootcamp is not only geared to how recruiting works in the USA – we are a global team and most firms have global hiring practices so these are incorporated throughout so that regardless of which offices you are applying to you have access to the information you need.

You will not receive 1:1 sessions on resume, cover letter or case coaching if you are enrolled in the bootcamp only; however, you can upgrade when you are close to applying or interviewing to get started with a coach who will give you personalized 1:1 support.

We get this question a lot from clients who have tried other services and noticed that their materials were outdated, or hadn’t been updated recently.

Because the consulting landscape is continuously changing, we conduct periodic reviews with the firms themselves to update and expand our offerings.

We keep our finger on the pulse with respect to what’s going on in the industry by connecting with clients who are now in consulting, recruiters at the firms we help our clients to get roles with, and other public and internal updates.

There is no expiration date. Go on at your own pace without worrying about losing anything.

We also stay close with the firms themselves so if there are changes to hiring or interview practices, you will get the updated materials and homeworks as we add more.

Our goal is for you to always have the most up to date information.

If you were to watch every module in the consulting bootcamp, the total time is ~23 hours; covering everything from what consultants really do, to securing interview invites, to mastering and passing the case and fit interviews in the most effective and fast way so you are not wasting time or building bad habits that get candidates rejected.

You are not required to go through every module before working with your coaches – it is up to you to decide how and when you want to use the bootcamp, so focus on the modules that are the most relevant to you at that time and if you are short on time but still want to know which modules to focus on, we have recommendations so you can get to what you need in less than an afternoon.

In total, there are 16 modules included in the bootcamp.

Each module has various lessons which breakdown everything you need to know land a job in consulting from start to finish.

The point of our bootcamp is to give you the insider information we’ve learned from being on the inside at these firms – it’s the information you wouldn’t go ask current recruiters and can’t find on Google.

Yes, if you upgrade to our full coaching program, the cost of the bootcamp will be deducted from the overall program fee.

It doesn’t cost you more to start with the bootcamp and then add a coaching program since you will just pay the difference between programs.

We always want to be consistent across our community when it comes to pricing.

No, the bootcamp can be used when recruiting for both generalist and specialist consulting positions at these firms. We’ve helped clients with several different types of roles at these firms.

No, the bootcamp is also be geared towards experienced hires (those who have already graduated and have work experience) as well as nuances for each hiring stream (MBAs, PhDs/Advanced Degrees, undergraduates, non-MBA masters) and it provides what you need for both summer internships and full-time hiring.

Our team frequently checks and responds to any questions on the course material. You will have the option of commenting directly on the module, or reaching out to our support team for further support.

You will have a personal point of contact at MCO that you will be introduced to if you start with just the bootcamp to help field questions if any come up as well.

The bootcamp consists of video modules walking you through each lesson as well as proprietary casing drills, homework, and a case bank with 1,600+ cases for you to use.

The drills and homework are built by former consultants/interviewers who wrote the cases at these firms and they are designed to teach you to think like a consultant and break down the parts of the case in a way that will allow you to master everything you need to know quickly and effectively.

How fast or slow you choose to work through the materials is up to you – but if you are looking for a guide, once you are inside the bootcamp, we provide you with a recommended schedule you can use based on your own timeline.

We suggest upgrading to work with a coach when you are 3-6 months from applying or interviewing for consulting positions.

Working with one of our coaches closer to when you are going to be applying or interviewing is recommended, and this time frame will give you a good amount of time to master everything you need to know to land offers.

Your coaches will also help you plan your timing for your sessions so you can get the most out of our program and time together. If you need help deciding if it is the right time for you to update, you will have a meeting with one of our Enrollment Specialists to discuss what works best for you.

The bootcamp is taught by Davis Nguyen, our founder and CEO.

Davis is a former Bain consultant, who has helped get over 500+ clients into consulting.

Davis did not build this bootcamp on his own though – our team of global recruiters, consultants, managers, partners and interviewers worked together to build the training.


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